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Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by Cactus Cat, May 30, 2006.

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    After much deliberation between regualar hooks, circle hooks and my god given ability to not be able to wait on a flathead run i am looking into quick strike rigs which I would hope would allow me to pop them as soon as they run. That being said if you have any experience please share how you construct them line, size of trebles, when and how you set the hook and any additional info such as how they work for you, what situations etc. I will be using bluegill for bait. . Thanks a bunch!:smile2:
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    I used them years ago when i used to "lake fish" with floats. they work really good, i dont think i ever lost or missed a fish using them but now i fish rivers and they got hung up too easy on snags so i quit using them. they arent good for distance casting either, hooks will rip right out. i kept leaders of them made up and stored on a leader board. i used 25lb line with two 3x strong #6, #8 or #10 trebbles, one tied on the end and the other snelled about 4 inches up. you dont need a big hook to catch big fish, just a strong one. those little trebbles are very sharp and would really dig into the mouth of the flats! i would hook the gill with two hooks on the trebble near the tail and with two hooks near the head just under the skin deep enough so it wouldnt fling off. since the bait isnt "peirced" all the way through like with a regular hook they tend to be a little livelier as well.

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    Take a look at the thread: When a flathead runs: I read that two weeks ago before my last trip to the local resovour I fish at. I stopped letting them run altogether. If you are using a smaller bait like a gill or something, usualy the cat will suck the whole thing down, then run. If you are using a larger bait like a carp or something, put a stinger hook on and hook the large bait through the gill plate or lips..

    So leave the clicker on, and pick up the pole as soon as you can. Once the fish loads up on the pole, set the hook.
    *** So far, I have not missed any and they are not getting hung up in the rock piles I fish for them in.

    * Tried using trebles once, but I usualy need to make a long cast, and the bait comes off easy.
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    Alot of muskie fisherman use quick strike rigs. You might have better luck looking at a few of the muskie boards. Might find some good tips there. Good luck, Chuck.
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    hey cactus, i've been using a version of the quick strike rig for the past month or so and it seems to work pretty well except for the stinger hook falling out from time to time. i have a thread up in general catfishing entitled something like "help with stinger hooks" or something like that. in there i describe how mine is rigged up but feel free to message me if you'd like more details or have any questions. good luck with it.


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