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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Vulture, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Vulture

    Vulture New Member

    Does anyone shot Quick Spin vanes? Which do you prefer the 2", 3.125" or 4". I was thinking about changing my vanes off of my Beeman 600. My arrows are 21" in length with bacon skinner broad heads.
  2. ratkinson

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    Normally I would ask if you want speed or stability in flight. I haven't shot quick spins but I imagine the same theory applies. I always make sure my bows are fine tuned. I shoot four inchers on the Colorado, and two inchers on my Deviator.....love em both. I would suggest doing a few in each of your options....see which one floats your boat and then fletching up a full set with the ones you like best. If you have a decent archery shop they might even fletch up a few practice arrows for you to try. I can't even decide on the aluminum vs. carbon issue. I love the carbons, but, my lincoln log aluminums do a number on the deer. Well I suppose that was not very helpfull. :angry:

  3. Bullseye017

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    I have shot them, but I think they are just something to charge you more for. I didnt notice much of a difference at all. What I recently bought was turbo nocks which require no fletching at all. They are very accurate, but it is very important that you get ones that fit your arrows right. I shoot them w/ a whiskerbuiscuit, Mathews Switchback XT and Easton Axis arrows. Another new thing is the Starrflight FOB that has the same idea as the turbonock but you need a drop away rest to use it. I wouldn't buy quickspin veins because I didnt notice any difference in them from regular ones
  4. bnorth

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    I shoot the 2" quickspins, the smaller surface area doesn't cause quite as much resistence in the air so i don't lose much velocity. I really see no advantage for them at shots inside of 25-30 yards, but outside of that they really seem to do a better job of stabalizing my arrow, especially with a small mechanical broadhead. That's my theory anyway. I like them.