Quick Question about the ohio

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  1. jlawson435

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    Just sort of trying to see what everybody does. Do most of you fish the Ohio around Louisville the falls or the hyrdo morning or afternoon.
  2. kottacat

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    New Albany indiana
    I live in new albany but i fish the river alot. just found out though that i can fish fromeither side of the river with an indiana liscense as long as i stay on the river. I fish the falls alot and i fish other parts to probably more. man i go down there at 3 or 4 a.m. sometimes and slay em till about 8:30 or 9a.m. . then i go after work alot and usually catch fish in the evenings. spring time is usually good about any time. bbut in the summer early morning or in the evening is better. But i just fish from the bank on the IN side and thats how its been for me. Depends on what you targeting to.:004: