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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Arojekt, May 14, 2008.

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    Yesterday, we pulled out about 20 lbs in channel cats, but we had fished till well past 10 PM... I have class today at 7 AM, but must leave my house around 6.30 AM. There is about 6 fish in total.

    Goal: Make a successful breakfast (grilled) starting around 5.30 AM.

    I can skin them fine, it just takes a while. It usually goes faster with my friends helping, but they're not at the house and will more than likely not be awake. Grilling isn't hard. I've got my recipe rock hard and solid.

    Filleting them, I'm alright at, but it's kind of shakey. I can do it, it's just that the fillets literally look like they went through a fan. It's all misshaped and I tend to leave more meat on the bones than I should... It's because my friend is usually the one who fillets for our group.

    Skinning is pretty easy and straight forward, but I'm on a time constraint and I'm not trying to spend a lot of time skinning them. You know?

    Do you all have any tips to make this process faster and easier for me?

    I appreciate anything you can provide me.
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    i cut the fillet off the back, and cut around the ribs. then i cut up from the anal fin to the top of the spine, and cut down to the beginning of the tail. i then flop the fillet over, and fillet the meat from the skin. you don't have to mess with the guts, you get all the edible meat, and you don't have to mess with skinning pliers. this will give you a good looking piece of meat and not a lot of mess, just make sure your fillet knife is sharp. i always keep a diamond stone in my fishing bag for this reason. hope this helps!