Quick Alligator/ Wateree River question

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  1. harper81

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    Summerville, SC
    I am thinking about camping out on the Wateree River this weekend about 10 min. downstream of 378 and just wanted to make sure the gators don't go up the river that far. I am sure there may be a stray once in a blue moon that gets up that way, but just wanted to make sure they are not regulars.
  2. dudley-1

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    Bill,I have seen one a good ways ABOVE the landing.It was a few years back though.He was sunnin on a sandbar in one of the real sharp bends of the river ,we got right up on him before we saw each other.I saw several hog/pigs that trip also.

  3. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    I'm certain they are up there, but not in the numbers that are on the Santee below the confluence of wateree/congaree. You should not have a problem, but a campfire will help ward them off. I see folks camping a lot on the upper Santee on ground that is only a few inches above water level, and I don't know of anyone who has been eaten...yet. :wink: Just kidding; I don't think you will have a problem, just don't throw fish guts or food scraps in the water or on the bank where you are camping.
  4. mudfishmusic

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    They are definately there but I've camped along the upper Santee and Congaree my whole life without a problem. I do keep a close eye on my dogs though. Gators seem to like them a lot more.

    We're gonna be just below the convergence of the Wateree and the Congaree Friday night. Not sure if we're setting up camp or just spending the night on the boat but we'll be putting in at 601 and heading down. It's not exactly the same area but we might cross paths over the weekend. Watch out for a 20' Smoker Craft CC (Aluminum) and flag us down if you see us.
  5. 1bluesman

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    the wateree is full of gators ride up it one night with a light real spooky
  6. Threadkilla

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    I have seen one dead gator just a few hundred feet above the I-20 bridge. The gators are known to exist all the way up to the Fall line which is well above the Hwy 1 bridge. Dang things are all up and down that river.

    However, they have never stopped me from camping on that river.

    Use caution if you have children or a dog playing near the water's edge, especially at dawn or dusk. Other than that, don't worry about them.
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    Gators are afraid of people usually so they will hide generally. This time of year is about the only time you see a gator in many places because like I said earlier they hide but breeding season will cause they to be seen more. Never approach a nest or little gators because momma is usually close by and she can be nasty.
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    Harper the gators I wouldnt worry about too much. The mosquitos and tougher than new rope this year though. Also dot leave any food ANY WHERE around cause the coons will be on it like white on rice.LOL 1 time we were camping up there and had 3 loafs of bread sitting on our table and decided to go do alittle scouting well we returned less than hour later and they hae eaten all of it.:smile2: They targeted us all weekend but a a bowl of chilil with a half of a bottle of tabasco in it got them to squalling.:smile2: Good luck to ya.