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    went fishing tonight,i was fishing upstream about a 100 yrds from a outside bend that is around 12 to 15 ft deep wich is a deep hole for the river i am fishing,there was 2 or 3 trees laying in about 3' to 4' of water where i was fishing on a sandbar i was thinking if there was any flats in that deep hole they would come up to the trees and mabye feed around dark time,all i caught was channles about 4 to 5 lbs,was using perch for bait,my question is all you are catching is channels should i try a differant spot,also around 11pm a couple of beavers kept smimming around and flapping they tails in water making loud noise do u think this scares fish thanks guys for info u can give me
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    1 fish deeper down in the hole 2 bigger live bait to keep the pesky nasty lil channel cats off 3 it sounds like ya doen ok hoss ya catchen fish :wink: lol I would fish further down along a cut bank wall or high mud wall ect on the outside bend. Beavers are like spray catfish away man, tail slappen tends to just ruin fishen for a few hrs it seems.

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    sounds like a good spot that you picked out............i would fish alittle closer to the deep water .............i dont think catching channels is a reason to move to another spot .............they will keep you busy between flathead bites :wink: as far as the beavers slapping their tails sure the cats are used to seeing and hearing beavers in the area so it shouldnt bother them too much !!!