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Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by Gibbzilla, Feb 26, 2007.

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    I have a Mepps Dressed Black Fury spinner bait that I've been thinking of trying to get to work for bass, but I'm not really sure how to fish it or what rig or whatever. I fish a pretty calm, small man-made lake in East Texas, if that makes any difference on how I should fish. I also fish from the bank. I also have a chrome Rat-L-Trap that I'd like information how to fish it too.
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    Adrian, I fish with the Black Fury in Oklahoma for bass. I find that just a medium speed retrieve will cause the blade to turn, attracting the bass. Largest I have caught on that lure is a little over 7 lbs. I am not sure how a chrome rattle trap will work, but it should catch them also. I would vary the retrieve until I find which one gives the lure the most action. I also recommend your try the rattle traps in a natural fish color... they resemble small bluegill/crappie. Another favorite lure is a cheap white spinner... can't remember the name but they are like $1.29 at Wal-marts. Remember to vary your retrieves.... today it may take a slow retrieve, tomorrow a fast retrieve. As for rigging the lures, I tie them directly to my line. Don't like to use swivels or snaps as I feel I get better action without the hardware. Something else you may want to try is a "red shad" worm. Fish these with the lightest sinker possible... the wind usually dictates how much weight to use. When you feel them tapping the line, sort of point the tip at the fish, reel the slack out of the line, then rear back like you wanting to cross their eyes. I probably catch 50/50 ration on the worm to lures.

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    I'm not a Bass fisherman, nor do I typically use artificial baits with the exception of Crappie fishing but I have talked to some Bass tournament people about what you are questioning.

    Their advice was not to get too excited about the "tap" or "bump" but rather to wait until you actually feel the weight of the fish prior to the "hookset".

    They said that many times either during a "lazy" bite & or using larger lures that it is common for them not to have taken the portion with the "buisness end" on the initial strike.

    HTH, Elliot
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    Back when I was bass fishing, one technique I liked to use was to retreive a lure over a hump, log, or something like that. As soon as the lure hit the structure, I stopped reeling for a couple or three seconds, then started reeling again. The strike was usually the instant the lure started moving again.
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    i fish alot of ratltraps here in indiana.they are a good bait for me.the chrome is a good choice.i fish them anywhere as long as it is in has been my experience that when you feel it hit prolly wont be slow retreive,youll feel almost like your pulling weeds,thats when you know she is on.hope this helps.
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    Never tried the Mepps but the rattl trap is a good lure I dont typically use many crankbaits as the price is a little hard to swallow when ya lose one but nearly all my CBs and topwater baits are natural prey looking also the new swimbaits from STORM are very good bass baits I like the baby bass and bluegill patterns best then shadbut all three are great baits
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    I use mepps spinner in late spring, I caught some over 2 pound bass on mepps minnow spinner. It's pretty working for me.. well and other I can use Rapala lures like jointed and suspended too.. well there's nice crappies and bluegills will hit on mepps spinner too...
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    use a slow to med retrieve on ur mepps. use ur rod tip to control its depth. this will make the bass go wild if u can keep it about2ft deep and that blade barely thumping. If u want to fish the rattle trap use a fast to very fast retrieve and keep ur rod tip pointed at the lure. If u have a deeper hole to fish it it try a stop and go a couple times. both of these lures should work great for spring and summer bass. Good luck keeping the perch (or bream 4 u weirdo eastern dudes) off of that mepps.