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    Hello brothers, I just moved to reidsville, First i really dont anything about the area. Anyway i was wondering if anyone could tell me the closest way to get to the yadkin river or should i say the best spots from the bank. I have a small john boat but i dont no about the water depths and so forth. Also i seen another post that was posted a while back with a guy saying he couldnt wait til winter to catch FLATHEADS!!! Where do u go on the yadkin to catch flats in the winter. I used to live in danville where the flats would come up right around june then go back around the end of july thus being little to no flatties still up stream. Any info would be greatly appreciated Tx bros.
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    Only thing I know to tell ya is; ride up to Scales Street & have a barbecue sandwich at Short Sugars.:confused2: Somebody on the site here will know. You got the Mayo & of course the Dan nearby too. Also Lake Hunt, Lake Reidsville nearby & a handfull of lakes in Guilford & Forsyth counties.

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    Probably your best bet to get to the Yadkin is to jump on I-85 south off of Hwy.29 Keep going on 85 through Lexington until you get to where Hwy. 29 splits back off to the right then take the first right before the bridge go a couple hundred yards and take the first left this will be the entrance to the York Hill boat landing alot of nice flatheads come from this area. As far as putting a boat in here is is pretty safe as far as water depths it ranges from about 10-15 ft in front and above the landing (all the way up to the bend above the stone columns, if you go there you will see them in the water up river from the landing, once you get above that bend the water can get pretty skinny in places and you will see three danger buoys out in the river a ways up from the bend stay to the left side going up until you get past the end of the island right before the buoys then cut over and go between the single bouy on the left and the double buoys on the right after you get above that good water all the way to the point which is where the South Yadkin, on the left going up, and Yadkin River, on the right going up, meet. Anywhere above here watch out for logs and brush in the South Yadkin and after you go a mile or so up the Yadkin watch out for rocks and shoals in the river. ) Underneath the bridges is about 20-25ft and down river from the bridges the left side of the river is pretty shallow ecspecially when the water is low just hang to the right side going down until you get down near the steam plant (you can't miss this either) from the steam plant all the way to High Rock Lake is pretty decent water unless the water is way down due to drought, lake drawdown, etc. There are a few logs and things in the water down below the bridges but just take it slow and try to head down during daylight hours to check it out until you get familiar the area. This area of the river can also produce good catches of crappie, bream, white perch, loads of channel cats anywhere from the 2-3 pound range all the way up to 10+, occasional blue cats, ecspecially in the winter and early spring around the steam plant. Lastly if you want to try a little lake action you can pickup Hwy 8 in Lexington and head south on it after you get through Lexington it parallels the Davidson County side of the lake for a good ways with a couple access's right off of and visible from the highway. Good luck and tight lines.