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    I am about to buy some Driftmaster rod holders and have a few questions. Do you use the Li'l Pro or the Pro series? Are the Li'l Pro rod holders suitable for catfishing? It would seem that it would take one heck of a cat to bend the 3/8" steel of the Li'l Pro's. I am planning on mounting the bases on my deck (16' Tracker Pro Guide Deep-V) and would need a longer stem than most of the Driftmaster's. (They do have one that has an 8" stem but it is for flat lining.) Is it possible to use the T-Bars (usually for spider rigging for Crappie) for catfishing? I could mount two t-bar's on each side of the front deck of the boat and have all my bases covered. Finally, which model of the Driftmaster rod holders do you think is best for driftfishing and still fishing?

    Sorry about all of the questions, but I would greatly appreciate your help,
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    I would not use the t-bar for catfishing. If you want to use a bar, mounts on both ends of the bar, that attach it to your boat should be used. I have seen a boat that used a bar that was attached to the cleats with u-bolts. Wing nuts held the u-bolts and was easily detachable. I use the 3/8 driftmasters and have never had any problems. I don't think the problem would be from a fish. The problem would come if you got hung up using the t-bar. If you want to drift and live bait fish, then buy the duo 255H (3/8) or 265H (1/2). They are a combo 0 degree and 30 degree rod holder. They work well.

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    I use the 25 degree PRO's. They can be used with larger dia. butt sections than the lil' pro. If thats not an issue for you, the lil' pro will work just fine. As for the T-bar, it might be alright for vertical presentations. For drifting, a heavy hit or a hang-up might cause the stem of the T-bar to turn and loosen up. Of coarse that depends on the how you design your mount! The T-bar I use is made with 1/4" alum. flat bar and 3/8" threaded rod.:0a26: