Questions about charging systems

Discussion in 'Boating' started by Northernglitch, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Northernglitch

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    What system has most of the boat owners here used when charging your boat batteries? What brands should I avoid? Also, is this thing any good?
    Shown Here? As always thanks for any input.
  2. JKitterman

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    A lot is going to depend on your boats setup. How many batteries are we talking? I have a starting and a trolling battery on my Tracker ProGuide 16. I went with a ProMariner 12 to charge both batteries at once.

  3. CatHunter24

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    Dayton, Ohio
    I bought a minn kota 330 to charge my 3 batteries, 2 deep cycles and a starting. Works pretty well so far and wasnt as expensive as some brands....has a decent warranty too. Have heard good and bad about most brands so it can be hard to tell. I would get something around 10 Amps per bank so you can quickly and safely charge all your batteries and enjoy being on the water :roll_eyes:
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    warrenton misso
    I dont recomend the "truck charging " product because most deep cycle batteies need a LOW and SLOW charge,,, meaning low amps 10 or less and fed to slowly 10-12 hours,,, the chargers that claim to recharge really fast are just giving it a "SURFACE" charge and not a full "deep " charge into the thicker lead plates that are in the deep cycle batteries

    ge one that plugs into the wall with a "float charge" and leave it pluged in anytime the boat isnt on the water