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    I am going to look at a boat on Friday that I may take if its in alright condition. The guy is good friends with my grandfather and said if I can get it off his lawn then its mine, FREE! Its a 16.5 ft open bow boat w/ 9.9hp motor and trailer. I have never owned a boat and don't really know much about boat ownership. What all consists of getting a boat/trailer registered and titled? What if the guy doesn't have a title for the boat or trailer? Is there then anyway to get it registered and/or look up the title? I am going to do some reading on the PA fish and boat site, but figured you guys would be just as much, if not more, help than that will be!

    Thanks Again :wink:
  2. No big deal as long as there are titles availiable. There are ways if title is missing, but a lengthy pain in the butt.:confused2: However, when it's all said and done, very affordable registration renewals make it a great way to access the last frontier of freedom left in this country.:roll_eyes: Being a boat owner has never brought me and my girls closer to each other than anything else. Even my father.:smile2: As long as it floats, makes it back to the ramp, and is safe, nothing is better. A few required, affordable safety items and respecting others on the water can yield years of enjoyment.:wink:

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    I hope the boat works out for you , BUT do yourself a favor and take the boaters course:wink:
  4. This is true, and depending on your age, you might have no choice.:eek:oooh: Good point misterwhisker.:wink:
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    a notary would know all the details on the title issue, but that shouldn't be any problem, then you'll need a bildge pump, nav lights, PFD's, anchor, first aid kit, i think if your over 16 foot ya need a flare gun, throwable rope, and there are a few more things that are on the boating commish. web site that are some must have's, all depends on the length of the boat, i'd also change the bairings on the trailer, those are cheap and save ya in the long run, esp if the trailer sat for a while.
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    Woww...what a friend!:cool2: you don't have to go far, if for some reason you don't want to take that boat. unless its a delipitated wreck; this is a deal nearly too good to pass up.:smile2::smile2::smile2:

    reps to the prospect of taking fishing to the next level.
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    Is it fiberglass or aluminum?
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    Maybe a couple good things to remember, specially being new to boating.

    -Respect the waters your on.
    -Boater safety course is a good idea
    -Get in a routine before you launch, Drain plug, all tie downs removed, safety equipment in good order.
    -Always let somebody know where you will be putting in and fishing, time frame etc.... just in case something happens.
    - At least basic maintenance, even the trailer, wheel bearings, frame, tires, hitch, lighting, safety chains and strap. No fun being broke down along the road.
    --- have the motor checked out and gone over.
    - don't assume anything on the water, or that other boaters will do certain things, there are some real boneheads out there, specially recreational boaters.

    First and foremost, always try to keep safety in mind at all times. the unexpected can and will happen when you least expect it.

    Good luck!

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    hey mike, this mike has some real good point's, i don't have a boat but grew up on one. and have been in some real scary shit before(lake erie) i'm sure you have some good common cent's but it is way better to be safe than sorry on water. hope it all works out for you,i myself am looking in to a free boat in the next two weeks or so but needs some TLC but with any luck will have it on the big o by the end of summer. all depends on when i go back to work, be laid off has it's up's and ...justin:cool2: