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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by stoney53, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. stoney53

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    i have 2 friends that this year decieded to hunt over bait for deer which is illegal in pa i mean they are good friends they know its illegal but they dont think they will get caught i cant stand any illegal hunting i do hunt myself but always stayed on the up and up hunting or fishing would you contact the game commision is my question ? or should i just try to ignore it?
  2. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    You are judged by who your friends are. I'm serious, I'd find new friends before I find myself guilty by association.

  3. zeboman

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    I hate poachers and that`s exectly what they are. Everybody has to make their own decision about what to do in this situation but if I were in the same situaton I would tell them not to do it. Should you report them ??? Ethically yes , they are breaking the law, but it`s up to you.
  4. bluejay

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    They might remain friends but I would never hunt with them again or allow them to hunt on my property. Kicked one of my grandsons out of our deer camp because of a violation in the city. He didn't get caught but i found out about it.
  5. cumberlandcat

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    I'd may not agree with it. but as far as calling the law on my friends not a chance. I would tell them where I stand but it's no different than speeding on the way to work. Breaking the law is breaking the law. That's my 2 cents and if a fellas perfect then let him judge.
  6. switchback

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    I agree chris, tell them how you feel and let the warden do his job and find them. Everybody gets caught its just a matter of when.
  7. DIESELkat

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    It takes a real man to be able to stand up for what you believe in and do the right thing. Now what the "right thing" is really comes down to you. Is it worth losing friends over if you turn them in? My answer to that would be yes. Thing about it is this: if they have decided to break the law and hunt over bait then whats next, jacklighting a deer,...maybe. Ultimately it comes down to what you think is right. I just think that after a while they will start to get cocky about it and then not only do they start to do things even worse than that, but they also start to brag about it, and as you are a friend you will be guilty by association. Next thing you know people are figuring that since you are friends with them that you are doing the same thing. Not doing anything is like doing it yourself. IMO
  8. Angler4life

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    Here in Ohio, it's not illegal anymore to hunt over bait. I do not hunt over bait because I think it is giving yourself a substantial advantage, but when I think about someone getting into trouble for doing it, it's not such a big deal to me because I know a lot of people who do. Personally, I would never call the law on my friend, or else I wouldn't consider myself a friend to that person. But, what you have to think is that if this person shoots a big deer, it will always be in their head that they did it over bait. Furthermore, when you shoot one, you'll know that you did it the right way and that you didn't have to bait them. When that happens, just be proud and don't say a word. You will have lead by example. Good luck!
  9. flathead willie

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    These guys tell it like it is. Sometimes I wish we could bait deer here since it can be really hard to pattern them with 2.5 million acres of steep mountains. It's hard work. I would first tell them how I feel about breaking the law, then refuse to hunt with or near them. I'd stay away and let the land owner or the game wardens bust them. It's nice to have a trophy head on the wall, but it would suck to look at it every day and know you cheated to get it there.
  10. Mi11er

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    Independence, M
    Ya I would not get even close to that land. Getting you hunting privileges taken away for stupid stuff is not worth it
  11. bw69r

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    if you know where the bait is go in with a bottle of bleach or some cheap cologne and douse it down. and find new friends.
  12. derbycitycatman

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    your first name
    Id be surprised if the wardens did anything about it if you told them because theyre so busy. Many states allow baiting but yours may have problems with disease spreading which could put the deer at a huge risk, CWD. At the bare minimum Id stay away from that land, may even make an anonymous call. I do like the idea of bleach too though.:smile2:
  13. misterwhisker

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    T. Bowl
    put moth balls in there camos... :smile2: