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    my uncle was tellin me if i left my fishin poles in the sun it would rot the mono that he thought i had on there. i told him that it was braided line and me and him were both wanting to know...does braided line rot if you leave it out in the sun? the brand of line i have on there is FINS. bought it at a garage sale on a brand new 150yd spool.
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    I've never used Braided line so I'm sure you'll get better answers than mine.
    What I've read on here is sunlight will cause it to fade over time but not hurt the strength. I can't remember where I read that at, on here somewhere a while back.
    I'm sure some guys that have experience with it will give you a definite answer you're looking for.

  3. Katmandeux

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    Braids are much more resistant to damage from ultraviolet radiation than mono.

    Having said that, UV isn't good for anything but flowers, and I wouldn't recommend routinely leaving any of your equipment outside, if it can be avoided.
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    I would suggest that you take the time to place your rods and reels OUT of the sun when not in use. Sun eventually breaks down most any non metallic substance it comes in contact with. Even your rods may become brittle if left in the sun ALL the time. I admit it may be an inconvenience to load and unload a pile of rods each trip, but it's worth it in the long run. Just as your skin needs protection from the sun, so does all your fishin' equipment. Braided line may be less prone to weaken from UV rays, but if left in the sun all the time, I can guarantee you that the sun WILL weaken it.
    Bill in SC
  5. I believe it is wise to keep gear out of the sun.

    sTRICTLY Catfish
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    I agree with the others. Not a good idea to leave your rods in the sun, no matter what line you use.
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    Leaving any of your fishing gear out in the sun will eventually damage it. This includes your rods, reels, line, and the glues and fillaments holding everything together.

    Take care of your gear and it will last a life time. Replacing gear cause of misuse or not taking proper care of it can get quite expensive real fast.
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    Your rod and reel are just like you , if you stay out it the sun the UV's will fineley get to you so the answare is do not leave them out in the weather and also they will last longer
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    Walter Flack
    Have you seen what the sun can do to nightcrawlers? lol. I keep my gear in the garage.
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    i wouldn't leave your stuff out in the sun unless you were fishing. that being said... i have an abu 5000 i spooled with 30 pound power pro braided line 5 years ago. i take the reel apart to clean it, but do not change the line. i wanted to see how long this line would last. it is backed with 20 pound mono. at three years of age i landed a 40 pound flathead on this reel. i have landed hundreds of stripers, and loads of channels and blues, many to 20 pounds. so at 5 years old this line is hanging with freshly changed line. i have not broke a fish off that wasn't wrapped around cover. as a result of this, i haven't changed my braid off my 6000's in two years, with no bad effects. would i recommend this? no! i am just trying to see what the effective life of the line is. a lot of my fishing is in the daytime too, so i would say sunlight won't affect braid much...