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    Bob Paul, How long is it safe to run a 50 hp Johnson hooked to a water hose? Will the pressure from the water damage any seals or the impeler?
    What is the best grease to use when greasing the stearing tube on the motor?
    Also when my motor sits overnight, I have to choke it to death and it takes forever to run without giving it gas. After it runs for a while it is real easy to start and runs fine. Is there anything I can do to help the motor start better after sitting overnight. Plugs are fine. New gas filter. The same with new gas or old gas. Is this a trait with the 50 hp Johnson?
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    I guess Bob and I both missed this one. I have ran a motor hooked to the muffs at idle mind you for at least 30 Min's. The pressure from the water won't hurt the seals.
    I have found that running one on muffs doesn't tell you much. If I want to really check one out and don't want to unload the boat I just back down the ramp on a slow day and drop the unit in the water above the anticavation plate and leave the boat strapped to the trailer. This way I can Even run her in gear or rev it up some.
    Always remember don't under no circumstances rev a motor up on muffs. It can run away with you. I have seen them start running wide open after being accelerated while on the muffs.

    If I were you I would do a decarbon on that motor and post here what type of plug you are using and the gap you are setting them on.

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    Never walk away from a motor when it's running on muffs. If they fall off when you're not around, your motor can be severely damaged.