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Discussion in 'Boating' started by beespringer, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. beespringer

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    I bought a 18 ft boat with a 4.3 liter gm inboard.
    My question is if I use this boat off an on avg 1-2 times a week this winter what do I need to do to keep the water from freezing in the block?
  2. Holmes

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    it can freeze in one night. like a car. little trick i did was to put a heat lamp under the cowl when it was going to get realy cold make sure you have room and it dont touch nothing lol. the only way to be safe is to drain block but the problem is the manifolds they will crack also. they should have a drain on them also.

  3. roadkill636

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    If all you do is pull the drain plugs in and arround the engine ,, you are certain to have freezng and parts cracking, thoes plugs are there only to HELP drain the bulk of the water from places,, it must also have antifreze flushed thru the ENTIRE cooling sysem