Question on fishing marion marker 42

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  1. iceman

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    I've been looking at the contour map and was wondering about a spot north of 42. on the map its labeled as a hump and has 15 ft. of water around it. it looks to be 5 to 10 on the hump. has anyone fished this area and if so what was caught? i figure the only way to learn is to ask so i'm asking.also told about a flat between 42 and greene island or bird as some call it. thanks for any help you give.

  2. blackwaterkatz

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    Gary, both of those areas can be productive at times. I like to fish that hump where it starts to drop off into deeper water on the north/west side.
    The area between 42 and Green (Bird) Island can be very good. I like to start drifting in about 20' of water and drift into the shallow (3-6') if the wind will cooperate. Also good in there at night, especially if you can anchor and fish the shallow water near the cypress trees, or dead timber on the western side toward pine island. The north and west sides of the island are better than the east side, except at night, when the fish could be moving from the deep channel to shallow water. The area between there and Pine Island can also be excellent for drifting. :big_smile:

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    I caught a 26 lb flathead this week about 150 yards from marker 42 towards the dike side of it. we were anchored in 27 feet of water around noon when i caught it. Other than that we seemed to only pick up a few small blues in that area. We had our best luck fishing 5 1/2 feet of water.