Question on deer hunting.

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by flatheadchris, Oct 8, 2006.

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    ok,what do i need to get to beable to go deer hunting with my uncle on his 5,000 acres? is it just my game license? and i dont have a treestand right now,how well do i need to hide myself on the ground?
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    this is the only way i hunt is off the ground glass an stalk i seam to see more deer that way

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    your first name

    Check out this site and you should be able to answer all your questions.

    Im sure KY's laws are different but are you hunting with a rifle, smokepole, bow, or all three? With a rifle or muzzleloader its a good idea to wear orange even on private ground. By the website if your a resident it looks like you need a hunting license and big game permit. $18 if I remember right, not bad. I really like hunting out of ladder stands but when the wind is real bad Ill stalk or just sit up against a tree. Ive taken deer all ways. If hunting from the ground I like to find a fallen tree and sit in amongst it, great cover. Id hide as good as I could. I like to have at least 3-4 spots ready to hunt whenever I want, with as much land as you have you could have 50 spots to hunt. You could always get a packable hunting blind and a collapsible stool to carry around. Good luck out there and let me know if you have any more questions, would be glad to help any way I can.
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    Brain has the best advise wear your orange while firearm seasons are in!

    If your hunting with a shotgun you may want to find some heavy used deer trails and build you a blind right off the trail. I usually setup with my back to a tree and take small tree limbs that are long enough to reach around head high setting on the ground. Make a circle around you leaving a few holes to see good through. If theres natural cover like a fallen tree use it.

    One of the most productive spots to hunt in SC with a rifle is old road beds. Road beds between two pine thickets will produce deer. Fined a long straight road bed in between pine thickets with lots of deer trials crossing you will see deer. Just be sure you don't hunt on any public roads thats against the law and unsafe.

    Good luck on your hunt!