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    Ive Been Wondering Why Every Time Im On The River I See These Catfisherman Pulling Up Trot Lines With 30 - 40lb Blues And Keeping Them Instead Of The Small Ones. I Think Trot Lining Should Be Regulated A Little Bit. You Just Set The Line Bait It And Leave It For A Couple Of Hours. Or Over Night. How Is That Fishing?????????? 33 Hooks To One Line Is That Fishing Or Cheating. And Should These People Be Keeping The Large Cats Or The Small Ones? I Think The Small Ones Are Better Eating Anyways. Takes The Fun Out Of Fishing When Your Sitting There And A Boat Comes Along Right Where Your Fishing And Pulls Thier Trot Line And First Hook Is A 10lb. Blue And It Gets Thrown Back But 5 Hooks Later A 50lb Blue Is On And They Keep It. How Are The Guys That Fish With 1 Pole And 1 Hook Supposed To Catch These Huge Blues If The Trot Liners Are Being Able To Leave The Line With 33 Hooks And Come Back The Next Day. Im Sittin Out Thier All Day With No Bite On My 1 Hook. A Little Unfair If You Ask Me. Nothing Againts You Trot Liners But At Least Throw The Big Ones Back.......after You Take A Picture So We, The Brothers That Sweat All Day In The Heat With 1-3 Poles Each With 1 Hook Can Catch Some.. Thanks Brothers. Id Like To Know All Of Your Opinions Please

    Thanks, Jason
  2. Redd

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    Southeast Kansas
    I feel your pain cd. It agrivates me to no end when a person does that. I like trotlines and limblines and all that good stuff, but I'm a firm believer of keeping what you eat. Nothin' more. If they're takin' ten or fifteen fish averaging 30 pounds a piece, there's no way they'll eat all that fish in months. And that's just from one outing. Just my 2 cents.


  3. FishMan

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    If they are eating that much and from big fish they are storing up toxins that could kill them or cause birth defects. most big fish are full of anything bad in the water or even anything that was bad in the water 10 or 20 years ago.
  4. elalr

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    warsaw missouri
    I agree with you also. its called conservation. every one likes to catch the big ones but it takes too long for a fish to get to be that size. I'm not against trot lines. I am against keeping more than you should. missouri has been taking steps help with this problem but they cannot stop what they dont see. all im saying is be honest and fair to everyone else.
  5. Mutt

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    My opinion I am glad it is not allowed here. Never did like the idea of it myself.
  6. MRR

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    trout ;ines are a pain. It gets me to no end when you throw your line out with one little ol hook and you try to bring it in and guess what. your hung up on someones trout line thats been there for heaven knows how long and not in use anymore. people are too lazy to even pick thier lines up.I have nothing against them if they are used right.But myself I'd rather fish with R&R's It's a lot more fun to watch your pole bend.:roll_eyes:
  7. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    I am a CPR type of guy. Dont mind a guy feeding his family, but no reason in keeping all those big ones.

    DANZIG New Member

    West Virginia
    Do you have many pay lakes round there?
    They might be selling them to the lakes.
  9. catmanofohio

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    Aberdeen (Southern Ohio)
    Well. I can go both ways here.. Maybe they were stocking a pond or another body of water, or having a big gathering for a fish fry... and on the other hand... If neither of these 2.. they are taking away the fights for our future fishers... and if these kids are out here fishing with papaw and daddy.,. and not catching any "Whoppers" (10+lbs) then they are not gonna want to keep living the tradition... But personally I think if u are using a trot line, jugging, grabbing, what ever... u should do keep&cull... if u catch 8 fish: 5,10,15,20,25,30,35, and a 40 pounder... then u should keep the: 5,15,25,and maybe the 35 pounder.... and turn the other nice ones loose to respawn... and if u go noodlin, DONT DESTOY THE EGGS... thats why most states do NOT allow it! Thanks have a good day!
  10. janton311

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    Wichita Kansas
    I agree there should be some kind of limitation... and here in kansas the limit is 2 poles with 2 hooks 3 if you pay extra, so I couldn't throw 33 of them out no matter how energetic I was...:what:
  11. Crispy Critter

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    To each their own...trotliners pay the same amount for their fishing license as rod n reel guys,and the water is just as much theirs.If they're keeping legal fish it should not be a problem.It's amazing how some folks "think" they know better than the Dept. of Conervation who studies things like this for a living and makes the rules.
  12. flathunter

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    I understand the time and money a trotliner puts in, but they should be more selective with the harvest, no need to keep all the fish you catch, and no need to clean out a river just to have huge fish frys, other people like to catch fish to.
  13. Katmaster Jr.

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    Wilmington, NC
    Man, I have so much to say about this, but I just don't fell like getting rocks thrown at me again. Sickening to read this crap about these trotliners keeping those fish, that's all I'm going to say right now.
  14. brad kilpatrick

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    Kansas City
    There are no ******** to My knowledge in Kansas, Thank God.

    as long as they follow the regs whats the big deal?
  15. Fatkat

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    Blanchester, Ohio
    If you don't like fishing with just 1 pole then why don't you invest in a trotline? Just a thought.
  16. Bigmagic

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    Edwards Missouri
    Zakk, I hear ya, I've already commented my opinion on this subject and I have been told that there are changes on the horizon. There are strong opposing views which brings out the "ugly" in folks not to mention some of the worst logic and apples to oranges comparisons. The survey conducted in 2003 showed a close split between those for elimination or more regulation and the status quo. I personally don't trotline anymore but I'm not for doing away with them entirely. I think a season or creation of designated "Trophy Catfish areas" would cure most complaints. The reason the limit on Blues was reduced this year was to attempt to solve the problem without taking away someones means of fishing. A professional guide whose name I will not mention(I know several) commented to me that the upper end of LOZ would be as famous as the Red River in Manitoba if not for all the trotlines. A lot of the new complaints are coming from Jetskiers and boaters. The upper end of the LOZ is experiencing a lot of growth and the MDC is being pressured to do something. Lets hope there is a reasonable solution . I suggest a letter to the MDC which ever side you find yourself on so at least your thoughts are heard. I think we have one of the best conservation departments in the entire country and the issue will be resovled. If you really are concerned call or write them and participate in the process. Its like voting, ya can't complain about what they do if you don't bother to vote. See ya on the water!
  17. Arkansascatman777

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    Consider yourself lucky that its trotlines. In Arkansa the commercial fisherman are allowed to use tangle nets and this is the reason I will not fish the stretch of the Arkansa River around Fort Smith. They pretty much keep this stretch of river cleaned out. I fish Kerr Lake in Oklahoma and the Arkansa River from Gore to the Arkansa line and even though this stretch has a lot of trotliners that use it you can definately tell the difference from the Arkansa side. I still catch alot of 20 to 40lb. fish in Oklahoma.
  18. cook

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    Plattsburg,Mo.(near K.C.)
    Well,here we go again.While were at it,I think they should ban boats too.Its not fair that I have to sit on the bank while a boat can cover more water.
    There is also a millionaire in town,he shouldn't be allowed to keep all that money,even if he came about it legally..I should have the right to regulate how much he keeps,because he is making more than me...Whaa...Whaa...Whaaa:too_sad: :too_sad: :too_sad:

    Bigmagic..good points.I usually don't bash MDC,they are tops.But for the life of me,I don't understand why they adopted "noodling",was a very small minority that pushed for it.
    I agree with the new jugging regs,keep in sight at all times.

    One solution to the tangling up in trot lines would be increased education and fines for tampering with them.The problem is that set lines have to be concealed,or "fishermen" help you empty the lines.

    Personally,it wouldn't affect me if they banned it...but would rather see the same rules as jugging instead of a total ban,or leave it the way it is.

    I left the chat the other night rather than argue about this same topic...funny thing is,I was defending trotlineing,but haven't done it but 2 times in my life....lot of work doing it alone....

    Kinda funny,MDC changed some counties deer regs to a 4 point rule,let the small ones walk and kill the big ones????Hmmmmmmmm.
  19. curdog

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    Sheridan, Arkansas
    I agree with you Jess!!!
  20. Ol Man

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    That's why they call it "Fishing", not "catching"...:lol:
    Who's to say what, if anything, they are doing with their catch.
    Apparently you've not done any trotlining or you wouldn't refer to it as no work. Want to talk about no work? Throw one or two lines in the water, set the rod in a rod holder then sit all afternoon drinkin' beer and eating pork chops...:lol: Oh, yeah, how many trotliners have come by and whacked the end of your pole off... Seriously, though, all Gods chillun have the opportunity to fish in the manner that best suits them. By the way, I don't trotline... I hope you catch a record blue... you deserve it.:big_smile:
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