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Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSISSIPPI TALK' started by TOPS, May 29, 2006.

  1. TOPS

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    My brother has an 18 foot pontoon with a 40 horse motor on it. My question is will that motor pull the current in the big river? He and I would like to fish the river in the near future.
  2. TonyJr

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    PM Rob Heflin and he may could tell you. Sorry I couldn't!

  3. gofish

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    Greenville MS
    Top, it won't be the fastest boat on the water but the 40 should handle the river. Obviously you have to use common sense and don't put yourself in harm's way. I have a 50 horse on a 17 foot boat and I manage just fine. There are swells and eddys that make me nervous sometimes but if I go slow and/or avoid the worst parts of the river, I am OK. I think you will be OK with the toon as long as you treat the river with the respect it deserves.
  4. Dave53

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    Lonedell M
    That should be plenty of motor if you guys take care..just remember where you are at..toons are great with little or no current but handle different in a stiff current..I had a 9.9 on my 16' jon and was told many times the Missouri was too dangerous for that set up..I never had any problems except for other people..on the Mississippi you really have to watch the other guy. I was on the Mo. on a toon a couple years ago and they guy I was with had a 40 on it..had no problems all day..but he ran the river alot with his.. One thing I found on the Missouri than the Mississippi are the wakes!! The ones on the Mississippi were 10 times worse than anything I have experienced on the Mo.!
  5. Tinboat

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    Jonesboro, Arkansas
    Top , my toon has a 40 on it and I would not be comfortable with it in some of the places around Tunica. It would probably handle it fine, but I don't think it has enough motor for some of the currents .
  6. dudlbugr

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    Cleveland, AL

    Dave 53 said he had fished the mo on a similar rig, and by the accounts I've heard, the current is worse up there? I would imagine you would be ok. Pay attention to the weather, and probably don't want to go when the wind is over 15 outta the south. Above all else, trust your instincts: if the butterflies in your stomach don't like it, trust them, and stay in the lake. Check out Joe's anchor design in the library, and build a couple similar, and you ought to be able to hold pretty much anywhere u want to fish.

    Word of advice: go upstream when you hit the current. If it won't go up, you might be able to get back to the ramp, or at least to the bank until someone comes along who can get you to the ramp!

    Good luck!