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Discussion in 'LOCAL SOUTH CAROLINA TALK' started by catch & release, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. catch & release

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    How do you like the new 25'Crest? More specifically what are you pulling it with and how easy is it to pull? Is it still full of heavy furniture? I'm wanting to get a big toon but would like the flexibility to fish the different lakes throughout the state. I saw a guy a while back with a 28' toon and he could not pull it up the ramp without help. If any of y'all pull a big pontoon give me some advice
  2. MossyBack

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    South Carolina
    I am fishing out of a 24 foot family fish tri-toon by crest. I pull it with a 3\4 ton truck but have had a buddy pull it with a half ton. Not a problem getting it out of the water. I usuall put it in four wheel drive but have no problem when not in four wheel if the ramp is not to steep. My biggest problem is popping trailer tires. Had to remove the fenders to keep the rubbing down. Since then only problems I have had were building up to much heat in the tires. I pulled it to Kansas last Sept. and had one flat due to debris on the road.

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    I have only pulled mine to the lake 1 time so far but it pulled fine and I have 97 ford f150 4x4 and I had no problem pulling it out of the water. I still have all the furniturein it but both the front seats are coming out today to make room for my 110gallon live fish tank. As far as fishing I love the room to move around. Good luck.
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    My toon is a 21" Suntracker Fishin Barge,I pull it with my Chevy Silverado K1500 4x4,no problems at all pulling my toon,like James I have most of my furniture out and a 110 gallo holding tank and 30 gallon bait tank,mine is single axle trailor,would much rather have a dual axle just in case of blowout but i have no problem at all pulling mine 60 and 70mph on the highways,just keep those bearings greased and the air pressures right in the tires