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Discussion in 'LOCAL OHIO TALK' started by RetiredToFish, Mar 5, 2008.

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    Hey guys ... never have fished the Ohio so don't know much about it ... was looking at aerial photo and was wondering what the pool of water between Markland and Willow Grove is called ... I have read on here and heard guys talking about the Markland pool. Is this it? The only Boat ramp I saw in the area was a place called Schimdt Field Park and Boat Ramp. Are there others in the area? .... Thanks .... Garry- :cool2:
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    there are several different boat ramps on the Ohio, just depends on where you want to fish. Schmidt is east of Cincinnati. I personally launch out of Laugherty creek in Lawrenceburg Ind you can also launch out of Rising sun Ind in a few different spots. Markland dam is west of those spots I havent launched from up there by the dam But I'm sure there is a spot fairly close either on the Indiana or Kentucky side There are a bunch of guys on here that fish up that a way I'm sure they can give you an exact launch if you want to fish Markland. :big_smile:

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    You got schmidt ramp, there is a ramp in neville, there is a ramp in new richmond, there is a ramp right down town behind the first star center, there is a ramp in tanners creek in lawrenceburg, a ramp in aurora In, rising sun IN, arnolds creek, laughery creek, hogans creek..There is a bunch of boat ramps..PM me if you need any help finding one..