Question for cathooker about etowah river near heritage park in Rome Ga

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    Cobb Co. Georgia
    I went up to DT Rome and went to the place you said. Now that small pier I saw people fishing off of , would I be successful catching flatheads from that pier from the bank. I don't have a boat. Could you give me any pointers on being successful from the bank for flathead catfish.
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    I am not aware of anyone catching any flats off of the pier but that is not saying they are not caught from their. The Flat that my son's buddy caught was only about two hundred yards up river from the pier so it stands to reason that the flats should cruise by the pier at night time for sure. If I were going to fish from the bank I would go across the 2nd ave bridge and park behind the AG Edwards building and fish right on the bend of the river where the Ostanaula and the Etowah come together and form the Coosa. There is a walk way and portions of it are lit at night. I would fish fairly close to shore with live bait and at night for the flats. I'd put baits on the bottom and freeline one or two. You stand a good chance of catching a big striper there also. Hope this helps and good fishing