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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Montgomery, Jun 11, 2007.

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    i was wondering . everyone seems to think night is best. we all know all fish can be caught at all times of the day. but why dont they tell us that on the tv shows. i have noticed that almost everyday i see catfishing on tv. bill dance , jimmy huston ect. and they always are fishing during the day. and i have not heard them say anything about night fishing yet. sure i may have just been in the fridge or somthing and missed it . but why do you all think that is ? also i have been doing some thinking about catfishing . i see it more and more on tv. everyday almost. and i think wow so many people are starting to get turned on to it . and our sport is growing . isn't that great. . i mean how cool is it when everyone starts enjoying our love for the sport. but then again . that means more people on the water fishing for cats. more people in your spot when you get there . i love going to some state parks . and see the crappie and bass guys pour in by the dozens. and i'll look around and think . i'm the only guy on the water fishing for the bigguns. and love knowing i'm doing it different you know . i dont know just wanted to babble for a few everyone .
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    Walter Flack

    I would say the filming is best during daylight exposure for quality of the video viewing. Have you ever seen the video "Muddy Bottom Monsters"? It was mostly all taped during the night.

  3. Mr.T

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    I certainly don't and have never understood the attraction to night fishing.

    I'd much rather be sleeping at night and fishing during the daytime. And I guarantee I can catch the same numbers and size of fish during the day that some folks think can only be caught at night...

    As for the TV shows, it's a little difficult and uninteresting to film a fishing show in the dark...
  4. Mark J

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    I've seen a study tracking flatheads electronically in a magazine article.
    The heaviest feeding times were dusk and midnight. the rest of the time they were holed up unmoving.
    Blues and channels are somewhat different.

    By my experience on the water I usually notice increased bites around dusk and I think that is dependent on the moon phase and weather conditions.
    Usually around midnight if there isnt a high moon the bite picks up.

    There is a stretch of the Neuse we bank fish that is shallow. 2-3 feet deep shallow. You are wasting your time fishing that during the day. You wont catch a thing except maybe a gar.
    Come night those catfish come up in the shallows to feed.
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    I'm surprised no one mentioned the fact that night fishing is just more comfortable for the fisherman... I know on the potomac and other waters around here, basically from now till end of august most of the anglers are out at night to avoid the heat and sunburn.

    Most of the shows are like people have said taped in the daytime for better light. but what you don't know is most times its also taped in either early spring or in the fall when the tempuratures are more favorable for everyone on the crew.
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    Down here in fla. nite fishing has some hi points.Right now it's 9am and 97 degrees out side,got down to 75 at mid nite, mo better. At nite you only need a butter fly net to get your bait ,Only the biggest and best bugs come out in the Fla. nite .Many are more than big enough for bait.Beer or cold drinks stay cold longer at nite. Wife hates to nite fish [see bugs].Kids in bed it's real nice with out them some time. Fish and game guys sleep at nite and they don't pester cat fisherman,and last but not least I can't sleep any how and TV sucks might as well be fishing.
    What about SEX you say, If I get lucky it's not going to be while she's getting her beauty sleep and I am perty enough all ready.

    Sleep well crmule

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    Arizona, Scott
    Well it is the same here, low's in the 100's at night!!! IT is too hot here to fish during the summer besides at low light am/pm, the night fishing for everything is hot here. You would be surprised what fisherman do to thier boats down here to light up the shore and water. It is pretty amazing. I just need a spotlight, headlight, and cool beer. You can sit up all night in shorts and a tank top and it is the best thing ever!! Besides those fish here go deep to escape the penetrating sun during the 110-120 degree days here in the summer, so at night they are hungry and shallow!!
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    I'm becoming more and more attracted to night fishing now, reasons:

    1) too many crazies on the water during the day (pleasure boaters, ramps are a zoo).
    2) heat

    I try to get out there now around 5-6pm, so the yahoos are starting to clear out a bit, the sun is going down, but I still have enough sunlight to explore the waters and find good holes.
  9. catfisherman60

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    Greenwood AR.
    I fish most in daylight and have good luck.I have about the same luck at night. so fish the daylight hours.
  10. jedt

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    Have to agree with everyone about the heat. it is more comfortable during early and late day hours as well as night. During the rest of the year I fish more through the daylight hours.
  11. 223reload

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    I fish both depending on the free time I have, in the spring to early summer cats bite as good in the daytime as night, but here in late june through mid august its too damn HOT to fish except early morning before the sun comes up then i fish in the early mornings and from just before dusk till i cant hold my eyes open.
  12. massa_jorge

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    i fish mostly at night, because i work nights and it won't mess up my schedule. when i do get a chance to fish during the day, i do just as good, just have to fish a little deeper.
    for the longest time, i didn't hear many people talking about hitting cats in the daytime, even though daylight was our preferred time to catch them. until i joined this site, i was pretty tight lipped about any of my fishing habits. i would just show pictures or something like that. getting on here with this great group of folks kind of got me to let my guard down and start throwing my two cents in! i know i have learned plenty here, and it would be wrong to not help someone else get their foot in the door on such a great activity.
  13. katfishbangin

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    That is a good question. The only question I have is I always seem to miss the castfishing shows. My buddy tells me he catches them quit often. When and where do these fishing shows come on. I love night fishing myself. Just seems quiet and peaceful.
  14. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    I Fish in the Daytime, but most of the time I catch them early in the morning and late in the evening.