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Discussion in 'Boating' started by daniel-delarosa, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. daniel-delarosa

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    seminole, oklahoma
    Today at the lake the wind was blowing like crazy, there were big waves and they were white capping. I was putting along at about 20mph, my boat was all over the place. The guy that was with me kept telling me to go faster and the boat would cut through the water and I'd get a smoother ride. Is that true? If it is, how fast is too fast? My boat is a 15ft seadoo speedster with twin 85hp jet drive engines and tops out at 60mph, if that helps.
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    My buddy told me the same thing.... I tried it and it works.... but how fast is what I cant answer for you..... You've got to have things tied down good not to loose anything or break anything....really depends on your kidneys and the pounding of what you can take....

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    I found this out today. The wind was unforgiving on the lake today and waves were white capping all across. I tried slowing down which just got me even more wet so I started to run at about 20 MPH or so and it sure helped. As for how fast is too fast, I cant tell you. My boat is old... old as I am so I dont run it too fast.
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    if you speed up and get the bow up it will not only keep u a bit dry, but will help cut the waves a bit... just go till you start coming up on plane and you should be fine, if you can't see, just speed up or trim out till you can see... the real key is keeping the bow up, when i'm in big waves i trim up and give it some throttle, don't like bouncing around too much, but when i do that i have to stand up to see but the ride is nice... if you are going into the wind you need to keep the bow down a bit so that the wind won't catch the boat and try to flip it, and you are goin to get wet regardless... if you are going with the wind then its not a problem keeping the bow up to smoothen the ride... either way, you are going to take a pounding and stuff will fly out of the boat if its not secured and you are running the chance of breaking stuff... if you look like you are on an episode of the deadliest catch with bow spray soaking you, then i think slower is the key to safety, but you are going to get soaked... if the wind was blowing you all around the place, you were going a bit too slow, speeding up a bit would have helped you keep control of the boat better, and remember, when the wind kicks up to where you are bouncing around and the waves are bad, make sure everyone has a life jacket on, people can fly out of the boat just as easy as a rod and reel in weather like that, and make sure you have your kill switch clipped on to you...
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    Throttle down and Trim up... STAY ON TOP of the waves!
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    I usually wait until about the time my spinkter starts to pucker, then I drop it down a few clicks! :lol: