Question about replacing ambassadeur bearings

Discussion in 'Reel Repair and Upgrades' started by bigbigjoe76, Jul 28, 2007.

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    hey brothers, I plan on replacing the bearings and bushings in some of my ambassadeur reels. I've found several different type of bearings. I have found stainless, ceramic, and chrome. I have also found them double shielded and some with one side open. If anyone has any input or advice, I would like to hear from you. Thanks.
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    You can save some $$$ by cleaning those ABU shielded ball bearings. It's like pickin' fly$#!+ out of pepper, but you can do a couple reels worth of bearings in a good afternoon. You'll need:

    a magnifying glass

    a piece of wood dowel shaped to fit the ID of the bearing with a snug fit

    a shot glass

    paper towels

    an xacto knife with a sharp point

    some liquid wrench in a spray can

    acetone or other clean solvent

    3-in-1 oil or air tool oil​

    Disassemble the reel and pop out the bearings.

    If they're really grimy, shoot the outside with liquid wrench and let sit for a few hrs.

    Put the dowel in the bearing so you can hold onto it - Use the point of the xacto knife to find the end of a tiny little snapring on each side that holds the shields to the outer race - very gently pry the cut end of the ring inward and it will release from the bearing.

    Shield will come out - do not pry or you will bend it.

    Do same on opposite side.

    You now have the bearing disassembeld - put the pices in a glass cup, shoot liquid wrench to cover (cover the top with a paper towel to keep from shooting the parts out onto the floor), and let sit for a few hours.

    Put the bearing back onto the dowel, and spray the bearing from both sides to flush out any debris.

    Flush out the liquid wrench with clean solvent.

    Assemble the shield and ring on one side.

    Add a drop of clean oil.

    Assemble the shield and ring on the second side.

    Give 'er a spin - should be like new.

    The only time I've not been able to save the OEM bearing is if sand has gotten inside and left marks in the steel - very unlikely unless the reel has been open to the water and sand.