question about pontoon boat rebuild

Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by scoremaster, May 2, 2008.

  1. scoremaster

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    western maryland
    a fella was wanting to buy a 30 tiller motor i have and he told me he would trade me a 18 ft pontoon that needs the floor replaced and all the seats replaced. for the motor and 500 dollors the toons look in good shape and are foam filled but like i said the railing and so on will mostlikly need replaced .
    he also said that he would put a motor on it that would run .
    it does not have a trailer either . it is a playcraft boat and i do not need to have it on the water like right now was thinking maybe later this fall

    my question is ,

    would this be worth my time or am i going to have more money in a simple rebuild than i expect.
    i know the seats are expencive as well as flooring and carpet am thinking vinyl.

    any suggestions would be greatly apprec.

    thanks ,
  2. Jerry60k

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    Chelyan, West V
    Be sure to check the toons out for cracks and pitted areas.

    The floor and seats arnt to major but a bad toon couldnt be very good.

  3. willcat

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    i would say that is a hell of a deal u got there, look up they will have everything u need as far as redecking, furniture, railings & everything else u might need............
  4. scoremaster

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    western maryland
    thanks fellas am still giving it some thought and am wanting ti get a good look at it again
  5. cantstopgrandma

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    I dont know if its a good deal or not, but why even worry about the furniture on the pontoon? Bring a bunch of folding chairs or lawn chairs and have at it. Heck, you could even pick up used lawn furniture from yardsales if you really wanna go cheap. You could fish around the entire boat - get right up to the railing. Think of the flexibility!!!
  6. BailBonds

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    I just finished a 26' pontoon. New carpet and furniture. The best deal I found was for seating. $1,600 all new including helm. Carpet is cheap. Outdoor carpet $100. For me the worst part about a pontoon project is getting the old carpet off. About 6 gallons of lacquer thinner. Then a heat gun to melt off the fuzz that's left. I found a place in Chicago that sells the vinyl stripes to restripe much cheaper than the boat places. I don't know about railings I've always been able to repair. For me it was worth it, but I like boat projects. Make sure to take progress photos. Plus with the price for scrap aluminum it may be worth more in scrap.
  7. Mark J

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    Even if you dont buy new furniture it's going to be expensive if you do it right.
    What's easy to forget when figuring out costs is those couple of 15 dollar a piece spray cans of primer, the box of rags, the acid cleaner, the brushes, the rollers, etc.
    I'm redoing one now. I've spent 600 bucks on primer, cleaning stuff, etc and all I've done is take it apart.
    I'll spend alot more when it goes back together but it will be right.

    Dont think its a deal on the trade. It's not.
    The advantage to the deal is you aren't borrowing money on a pontoon boat.
    You can take a couple of years to redo it little by little out of pocket.

    The engine that will run that he is going to put on it?
    I wouldnt count on that. Actually I wouldn't even consider it as part of the boat.

    A trailer? Haven't got that far yet but figure 2500 or more.

    Atleast you wouldn't be taking out a loan for one and I do like the barter system. It's effective.
  8. Phil Washburn

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    Shawnee OK

    Mark, some of us hillbillys don't enter our boats in classic car/boat shows:big_smile: i am repairing a 'toon on the cheap that is out on loan to me. it sat outside under a tree for a year and a half. structurally the boat is sound. the owner pays for parts and i donate labor for unfettered use of it. it cost him 500$ to make it run right. the floor is soft in a couple of places, but not in danger of giving way.

    there were mushrooms growing under the rear seats:smile2:

    i cleaned it, went over it with the shop vac thoroughly and aired and dried out everything. the upholstery is grim, but that doesn't mean i can't enjoy an outing at the lake on it.

    i am donating a fishfinder i had to it. i replaced the aerator pump and repaired some hoses. it ain't pretty, but it is mechanically and functionally sound. have all the electrics on it working, and now have to turn my attention to the trailer...check and pack wheel bearings, and replace some lights.

    i have grandkids, and they think it is great to be on a boat on the water. and, :wink:, i do not have to have a snazzy boat to run jug lines with:smile2:

    hey, if you can afford it, GO FOR IT!....and if you can't, there is nothing wrong with doing it on the cheap! just make sure it is safe and sound:big_smile: