Question about perch in Michigan?

Discussion in 'LOCAL MICHIGAN TALK' started by jross1901, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. jross1901

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    hey sal i remember you mentioning perch on otsego lake.
    where is otsego lake? i still fairly new to mich, so any help is appreciated.
    also, for everyone else, are there any good perch lakes in southwest mich.?
    i love to eat those little critters, and would like to get into a few batches.
    only until those catfish start to bite, then that's really all i fish for.and the occasional bass.
    thanks for reading.
  2. jspiel

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    comstock park michigan
    perch lake in SW MI? well, since you live in the allegan area, you are about 30 minutes away from one of the best perch lakes in the country. Lake MIchigan.......granted it can be tough to fish this time of year, but the effort can be worth it.....i suggest you contact Capt. nicholes out of south haven....he has the best pearch boat on the if you ant to stay inland, i suggest lake Macatawa, or muskegon lake. Hope i was of some help. cant wait to have you show me the flathead holes on the K-zoo this year.......have a good one.

  3. Sparky Larson

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    Marlette Michigan
    Hey Jim,
    Jon, is right! Lake Michigan is one of the finest perch Lakes in the State. This time of the year is a good time to fish the Break walls right where you live. Check with one of your local bait shops. Or like Jon says get a hold of Capt. Nicol.
  4. sal_jr

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    Ithaca, MI
    Otsego lake-

    From Grand Rapids take 131 up to mancelona, and then county road 38 to otsego. Get to the public dock and follow the waters edge about 1/2 mile from the dock and 300 yards from shore. Gosh... I hate to sound cliche, but there will be a red barn straight out on shore from where you gotta drop your lines. lol

    Another good spot in central michigan is wiggins lake outside gladwin. Get out from the state boat ramp, hang a right and take it bak to the far back cove where the stumps are and fish amopng them in about 12-15 FOW. I used to do VERY well there too and plan to get back there a few times this summer too.

    As close as you are to lake michigan though steve (lol), youre better off dropping a few bucks to a party boat captain and go out on the big water.
  5. kat buster

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    I have to agree with what ever one has said. Lake Michigan is the best perch spot EVER:thumbsup: Me, my dad, and my dad's friend decided to go out one day. All we did was drive out in about 20ft. of water started marking fish and started fishing. At the end of the day all three of us limited out on JUMBO lake perch.

    P.S. Yellow jig with a minnow on a crappie rig.:worship: