Question about parasites in fish...Cumberland river

Discussion in 'TENNESSEE RIVERS TALK' started by rcneman, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. rcneman

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    I got out for a while this past weekend and fished around Cheatham dam for a few hours. Caught several gills that i used for bait and was gonna take several of the bigger ones home for a small meal.
    Did not catch anything other than the gills, but had a few decent runs.

    i went over to the cleaning station below the dam and was cutting off the filets and on the largest gills i noticed 2 rather large brown areas in the flesh. I stabbed the tip of my filet knife into own of them and out popped a rather long, skinny worm of some sort...grossed me out pretty bad and i threw the fish away! :crazy:

    Anyone else noticed any type of parasitic creatures in other fish out of the cumberland??

  2. Michael

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    Clarksville TN
    yes raceman Ive seen the same thing in the spring when i go shell cracker fishing i hear its ok to keep the fish and just cut off the worm spots but I'm with you i just throw them back..