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Discussion in 'Boating' started by Rosati, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Rosati

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    My tracker 1436 and 9.9 Mercury are doing a fine job getting me into the places i want to go, bu tI have a odd question.
    The OB has three trim positions: 1is all the way down, 2 is in the middle, and 3 is trimmed up (3 more settings are shallow water and no discussed here)
    In position one, it makes the boat porpoise when I am by myself, but rides well with about 100lbs on the middle seat. But I get major spray off the transom at throttle.
    In postiton 2, the bow really rides high while trying to get on plane, rides ok on plane and does not produce any spray off the transom.

    What is the cause of the spray?
    Is the transom too low in the water or what?
  2. roadkill636

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    warrenton misso
    when it is in posision " 1 " the motor in in what we call " all the way down"
    the bottom of the motor "prop" is more forward than the top of the motor, the prop is actually angled upward tward the bow of the boat, when you give it some throttol the prop is angled upward and is actually tring to push UP on the back of the boat and shoving the front of yer boat into the water making the spray come from way up front there. more water spray for your face,, ,,on #2 it is probally about strait up and down and not as muck leverage and it is completly normol for the bow to come up upon take off ,,and the water spray is much more tward the middle= rear of the boat and it tends to shoot out and away from yhe boat
    also when I had that that size of boat weight placement was allways a factor in a good ride.....I'll bet ya gallon of 2 stroke oil that your consantly moving arround the cooler,, tackle box,, and anything else to make it ride a lil mor level and smoother,,ESPECALLY when there someone else in the boat !! they just cant seem to sit still enough !! can they?:0a26:

  3. Hoopie

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    Is the spray coming in the boat? Or is it just spraying out the back? How far does the shaft of the motor hang below the boat? The dolphin ride comes from not enough wieght in the front end.