Question about casting reels.

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by catfish_clayton, Apr 14, 2008.

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    I was just wondering what would be a good casting reel for around $100 or less. Im wanting to pair it up with a catfish safari river rod. I dont want anything to bulky, but i would like to keep using 50 lb trilene big game. I dont know anything about casting reels other than how to use them, so any info would help.
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    Look at my signature. Its a link for the BOC sponsors, Im sure ya can find what ya looking for. :big_smile:

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    I just got to use my new Penn Jigmaster 500 and Squidder 140 this weekend. The casting action on these reels is fantastic. Both are very similar in ease of casting and distance, but the Jigmaster is a bigger reel... Both can be had on Ebay for under 50.00 if you are patient... Can't recommend these reels enough in this price range.
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    If you've got good experience with casting reels, the older Penn reels are good deals and great value for the $$. If you haven't played with reels like them before, they are a different ball game compared to regular baitcasting reels. For most people, reels like the Abu Garcia 6000 series, or the 7000 series are much easier to master. You can get a brand new 7000i from Catfish Connection for $87 or so (I think that Steve at Catfish Safari has them for the same price). Great reel, and very popular with cat fishers around the country. I love the 7000 series reels. It would probably hold around 150yds of 50lb test. It's rated for 200 yds of 30lb test. I think that the connection still has a Garcia $15 rebate that you can use too.

    You can really find some good deals on ebay. I lost an auction for TWO used (looked almost new though) 7000 reels. The winning bid was $45 (I'm still sick about it). I ws gone and couldn't check the auction before it closed.

    So I vote for the Abu 7000 series reel. In the same class, the Penn 310 GTi is really nice too, but, like I said, it's not as easy to cast for someone not familiar with them.
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    You go to running that heavy of line, you have just about put yourself out of a bait casters range. Not too many will handle that line. Spinning reels would probably work better. Actually, a normal baitcaster would probably handle the line, but you wouldn't have much surplus left on the reel after the cast. My own personal preference is to go with lighter line the baitcaster have been designed to handle.