Question About Blue catfish and Flathead catfish in Wylie

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    Does anyone think that the blues and flatheads may replace the channel cats as the dominant species in Wylie in the next ten years??

    I was talking with Rodger Taylor a local guide and he said he could see the blue overtaking the channel cat in the next 10-15 years on Wylie as the dominant catfish. With the increase in the size of flatheads, and the low number of people that target them, I can also see the flathead taking hold in a major way on the lake. They are a voracious predator, and the gobs of bait in the lake are a big food source for them. Almost every fish in the lake is food for the flathead.

    Curious about your thoughts.
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    i dont see them replacing the channel at all myself. if you look at santee there is tons of channels cats in those lakes. you just dont hear that much about them because the blues and flatheads are the main target in those lakes. i think that lake wylie is in for some great catfishing in the coming years with expanding blue populations for sure. wylie may already be one of the best flathead lakes in n.c. right now. as far as rod and reel goes i think the flathead is the best choice to target but they can be hard to locate at times. the jug fisherman dont do well with the flatheads as much as blues and channels. now the blues may dominate certain areas of the lake but the channels will to the same in other area of the lake. look at badin lake there is a lot of blues in that lake but there is alot of channels as well along with a ton of grey/white cats. just my 2 cents

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    I have fished Lake Wylie all my life.I can never see any catfish over take the old Channel Cat.As I have posted before you can still catch 100 Channel cat on a good day.I don`t believe you will ever catch that many Blue or Flatheads togather in one day.Channel from 2lb to 10lb are are caught by all fishermen that can put a line in the water.You can not even crappie fish with minnows and not catch a good channel Cat.You can bream fish with worms or jigs and still catch Channel Cats.If you were fishing for Carp you would catch Channel Cats. I don`t think you will ever see them over run.Channel Cats also prey on young Blue and Flathead young.


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    yep, ole Blue hasn't been in Wylie very long. Mr Channel will suffer and that is a fact when ole big bellys start squirtin' out millions of baby blue they will dominate and replicate. It happens everywhere they are put in and Wylie won't be an exception, but look at the bright is much better eating and gets a heck of a lot bigger.