Quantum Cabo,My New Reel!

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by TxRiverman, Jun 8, 2006.

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    After getting schooled by a rather large Yellow Cat just prior to joining the BOC i realized that my ba$$ tackle would not be up to the task of landing a large cat. So after alot of research i bought a Quantum Cabo 30 PTs. Mainly because I like how strong the drag system(30lbs of drag according to the R&D guys at Quantum) is. And after spooling it up last nite i found out that the reel is pretty darn smooth and feels powerful. So if anybody is thinking about buying this reel, I would recommend the do so. Its a little expensive, but after factoring in the service that you get from Quantum and the way the reel is built i think its worth it. Now i just got to catch a fish with it!

    TNVOLCAT New Member

    Aaron, congrats on the new reel. I believe you made a wise choice buying the Cabo. I can't afford them myself, but I have used them while fishing with a catfish guide, and you are right, they operate very smoothe. We put a 20lb,37lb and a 43lb in the boat that day using Cabo reels.

    BTW, all the fish were released!