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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by twincatfis, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. twincatfis

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    lincoln nebraska
    i got a gift card to a local tackle shop and bought me yet a few more rods to for river fishing i got two quantum big cats and i am thinking about putting a penn 309 on them. is this reel to big? what reels do you guys use looking to spend no more the 75 a reel thanks
  2. hawgmaster

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    SE columbu
    for five bucks more you can get some abu 6500 C3 new... they are 79.99 the cheapest i have seen them so far....they were locked behind the glass at wally world.. i took a look at them and they were made in sweden so no fakes on that one...i also use the abu 6600 BCX (not made in sweden) wally world has them for 60. i have pulled in a 25 pound flat on it with ease and no probs...still works like new. just my .02

  3. ramon06

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    Cant tell you the best but I own a couple 309s and they are nice. Hold alot of line and the drag and clicker are just amazing. I also have a couple of those rod's but I have Okuma 450Ls on them they cost me $32 each and hold 330yds of 30LB mono, nice drag and nice clicker. The Shakespere Arsenals are nice for $34. If you search ebay you may find nice deals on Abu Garcia 6500s and 7000. I picked up a brand new 7000i a little over a month ago for $60. Also ebay has the Ming Yang reels (similar to Abu Garcia) I bought 2 last night a CZH60 (6500) for $34.99 and a CL70 (7000) for $37.99. If you can spare $15 more per reel I would get the Penn 320GT2, its my personal favorite baitcaster of all 20+ I own
  4. Shad gut

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    Great rods i have a 6500cp on one and a 6500c3 on the other works well together. good luck