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quantum big cat

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Has any one ever had a Quantum Big Cat rod? How was/is it? If anyone has ever had a spinning Big Cat rod, what reel did you put on it?
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I've got 3 of the 7' 6" MH rods and LOVE'EM.I wish I'd bought 6 instead of 3.My friend also has 3 and LOVE'S 'EM.I know several people who has them and LOVE'EM.Have you found some new ones?What's the price and where? Mind are the first ones the came out with.The newer ones are nicer,the eyes are different.I'd like to have 3 more if you have the info.Wal-Mart don't have them around here anymore.Info will be :0a31:
I think I have 5 now. They're good rods, and as mentioned, the new ones are made better than they used to be.The eyes are much beefier. I still prefer the Catmaxx rods from BPS, but the Big Cats are good rods. All of mine are casting.

theres a site that sells casting rods, but i was just looking on the quantum website when i saw the rod

i will try to remember where else i saw them but im not sure right now
I have 2 7'6" heavy rods and just love them. They are casting rods. I just can't beat them.
I like those rods dude,but that price is total too high.Catfish connection has them about 20$ cheaper.Believe it or not.Me and my freind both 7 at bass pro last year and gave a mere 14.99 each for them.Yeah I know ,that was a rare steal.I think 30-34$ is a fair price.
That's true. I paid $45.00 a piece for mine a few years ago. I want some more but will look for better prices.
found them a little cheaper, but they are still expensive
Checkout Catfish Connection for the Quantum Big Cat rods. $37.50 listed under Zebco rods.
I love my Quantum Big Cat rod! It's light, strong, has great action, and casts better than any other rod that length I've ever seen.
I have one of these that i got 4 or 5 years ago at walmart. It is 7'6 MH, Black with blue quantum big cat logo. If i could find them again i would probably buy a few more.
Thanks for the info, and yeah that price on catfish connection is pretty good that is where i will probably buy mine
i had my baitcaster on a quantem big cat 7 n a half was great until i carelessly loaded up the truck and my cooler snapped the rod tip off........if that never happened it would have lasted forever........i replaced it with a 9 foot eagle claw(cat claw) rod.....its very nice also......
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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