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    That seemed to be the way our trip out to Lockport went yesterday. We did a little exploring to some spots I've never fished and it took us awhile to find a decent spot. We ended up with 5 cats 3 for me and 2 for Ryan. We only took pics of the two biggest ones the three small ones were 32" 33" 33.5" I got the first 32" then Ryan got a snag and broke off so I got him to hold my fishing rod While I tied on a new rig for him then he says "holy crap I got one and and It's pullin hard!!" too bad he doesnt know how to hold them up nice for the camera but this was the fattest 36" cat I've seen it was solid pushing 30lbs. :eek:oooh:


    I couldn't let him take big fish of the night on my rod so I had to connect with my biggest cat this summer an absolute hog 38"


    Those two fish were worth the 3.5 hour drive round trip and getting home at 3 am!! Sorry we couldn't pull in some more but I got a trip coming up with a former cats on the red guide buddy of mine in his boat. :big_smile: Stay tuned for that!!