Q-Beam Modification (fixing the weak link)

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    After two years of having my 200,000 CP Q-Beam quit on me when I least expected it, I decided to replace the weak link; the "made in china" switch. While the back of the spot light boast that it is "Made in the USA", the switch is a different story and the culprit to many an aggravating trip on some dark waters.

    Here's the fix:

    1. Take the spotlight apart by removing the two screw on the sides of the lamp housing.

    2. Using needlenose pliers, carefully remove the wire terminals from the lamp.

    3. Draw a diagram of where the wires are going then remove the two wires from the "made in china" switch.

    4. The switch is held in place with molten plastic tabs which I ground away with a Dremal tool.

    5. Enlarge the switch hole to accept the new switch. Use a good quality switch and make sure it can handle a few amps. Buy a switch that will accept screw-on terminals. Cut off the old slide-on terminals then solder the new terminals on the wires and install the terminals on the switch before you install it in the spotlight housing.

    6. Install the new switch and screw it down tight then use the second nut as a lock nut over the first.

    7. To prevent water from entering the old switch hole, pour 3M 5200 sealant on the switch cavity. It will self-level and seal out the moisture.

    8. Put one drop of gear oil in the switch. I have done this for years for switches that are exposed to the elements and never had a problem since. Install a rubber boot over the switch.

    9. Cut off the old slip-on terminals and solder screw-on terminals on the lamp wires during the reassembly and put it all back together.

    10. Go Fishing! :)

    Made in China switch

    Heavy duty quality switch

    Rubber switch boot

    Enlarged switch hole

    New switch installed

    Switch Sealed with 3M 5200

    Rubber Switch Boot Installed

    Battery Clips

    Screw on terminals