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  1. kkyyoottee

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    3 pellets or 2 ? Has anyone tested their rifles and checked accuracy? My wife and I have identical rifles CVA's mine likes 3 fifty grainers and hers will only stay accurate with 2. Anyone else check?
  2. Luke Clayton

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    Luke Clayton here. My good friend Larry Weishuhn gave me a formula a few years ago that works great in muzzleloaders that can handle 150 grain charges. Load with 3 fifty grain Pyrodex, or Triple 7 pellets, shoot it in 3 inches high at 100 yards. You can hold center of shoulder on deer size game out to 200 yards!
    This works, I've been using this charge for the past 3 years in my Omega. The new TC Triumps is a great smokepole. Been shooting one this summer and I really like it. By the way, I'm shooting 225 grain TC Shock Wave Sabots. I don't shoot anything but the sabots these days. They pack a major punch and I've taken a good many deer and hogs with this load. Hope this helps! Luke Clayton

  3. samh

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    Just like any gun, different muzzleloaders will like different loads and bullets. I have a CVA Mag Hunter .45 cal. that loves 150 grains of pyrodex pellets (3 - 50 grain pellets), but if you put the same charge in it of Pyrodex powder it opens the groups up to twice the size of the pellets, if you drop back to 2 pellets, 100 grains, it also opens up the groups. It also doesn't like saboted bullets near as well as it shoots Power Belts. You just have to try different bullets and powders until you find a guns sweet spot.
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    I used to use 3 50 grain pellets in my cva hunterbolt magnum but was never happy with my groupings. I tried 2 50 grain pellets but still wasnt happy. I tried switching to powder and used 125 grains and its much better. Like sam said, different guns shoot different. I think I remember someone on the board saying if you seen sparks coming out your smoke pole you were using too much powder. I had that problem with the 150 of pellets and 100 didnt seem to have the power I wanted.
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    Like the guys said. You'll have to try different load combinations in your gun to see what it likes the best. I can shoot 150 grains, or three pellets with a 250 grain shockwave or 295 grain powerbelt and group around an inch at 100 yards. If I try to use the same powder charge with the 200 grain shockwave, the bullets will hit the 100 yard target sideways, if they hit at all! I usually use 100 grains or two pellets. The deer haven't complained about it yet. If I were to hunt in open country were my shots might excede 150 yards, then I would definitely bump it up to get a little more punch at longer range.
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    I have a Knight Model 93. I have tried using 3 pellets and I cant get the grouping as I do with two. With 3 pellets shooting from a rest I My grouping is about 1.5 inches at 100 yds. If I use two pellets I can almost make them touch. So I say depends on the weapon and person pulling the tigger
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    Great advice from all, just need to play with your bullet both weight and typeand powder amount and type,I have 2 cva mag pro in 50, and they are like night and day when it comes to powder and bullet size.
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    I use 50 grain and 30 grain pellets to try different loads. Using both I can try a lot of combinations to find the right load
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    I have a Thompson Encore. I shoot two pellets of Pyrodex behind a 250 grain powerbelt. Does fine for me and shoots clean through deer leaving a fist size hole. Granted most of my shots are in the woods up close. Nearly all fall in their tracks like they were hit by a train.
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    777 PELLETS

    They gotta little extra ummph.:wink:
    3 x 50 grain , power belt, and 209 primers.
    Out of the cva wolf I get great tight groups.