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  1. natethe great

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    North carolina
    hey guys i was wondering if any of uyall have a rod older on your truck im thinking about making one this weekend with two boards bolted to the tool box with 8 tubes of pvc pipe bolted to them i was wondering if any of u had done this before or something simular to it and if i just be weary of some problems u encountered well till next time good fishing

    SUNDROP New Member

    I use the gray electrical conduit straps (u shaped things) to hold the tubes to the boards 2 per tube and they work fine.. I spray the whole thing white before I mount it just for looks..

  3. catfisherman_eky3

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    Hey I have seen people around here with rod holders that was bolted for the truck and they seem like it worked pretty good for them
  4. Talkinquack

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    China Grove, NC
    I've got one that I haul my craps rods one. I took some pvc pipe and cut it into 16" pieces. I then cut a groove in the top of the pipe so the reel will actually set down in the pipe. I then attached the pipe to the board with bolts. Had to drill a hole in the back side of the pipe. I think I put 6 holders on one board. I didn't permanently attach mine to the tool box. I just layed the board on the box and took two rachet straps and ran around the tool box to hold it on there. When I put my rods in the holders, I took a small bungee cord and hooked it to the bottom of the pipe and then ran it up and hooked it to the bar on the front of my reel. I got tired of laying my rods in the back of the truck, taking a chance of getting the tip broke off when I closed the tailgate. With this holder the rods are up over the tailgate. No chance of em' getting broken.
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    Little Rock, AR
    You might want to look in the library at some pvc holders different folks have come up with.