PVC Chum Holders

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    Here are pictures of my creations.

    The first is made from 4" PVC pipe. I drilled holes in the side so the scent could escape. The fish swim right up to it and butt it with their heads.


    The second I made from 3" lateral line PVC pipe. It has the half inch holes pre-drilled. I normally bait this one with fermented field corn (don't get it on you, whewwee). Again they hit the pipe trying to dislodge another kernel of corn. LOL. Greedy little suckers.


    Both have PVC threaded plugs so they can be loaded/emptied. Then I put an eye hook through the top and tie a line onto the contraption so I can retrieve it when through. Each is between 18" to two feet in length.

    Normally you attract the smaller size fish with chum, say up to 8 lbs. But you can get a load of them. LOL

    Hope this gives you some ideas.
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    Great tip...
    Have one additional suggestion

    If you tie a rope to one if the sections and fill it with your minnows or baitfish you should be able to tow your small baitsled behind your boat. I have used it in the salt to keep sardines and chovies alive due to the fresh water in and out of the tube now you cant fly in your boat or canoe or your gonna kill them just take it easy. Not sure on shad as they are so delicate

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    The chum holders can also be made by cutting out 2 pieces of PVC and wrapping a piece of 1/4" hardware cloth around the tube. This allows the scent and some fermented grain or soybeans to still escape. The fish will butt that chum pot until it is empty which may only take 1 night. You can also make a chum pot out of a 1 1/2 gallon white bucket with a lid. You drill 1/4" holes all around the bucket then spray the bucket with spray paint. The spray paint will camoflage the bucket from curious eyes. You add a partial brick or some type of weight then fill with fermented grain or dog / cat food. This can be dropped in the lake tied off for several days. It is amazing what these chum buckets will attract over a period of time. A friend did this for approx 3 months and he caught lots of cats, crappie, and perch.

    catman georg
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    I have used 2 coffee cans for chum holders simply hinge one top to the other top and then put a hasp on the other side. use the latch off an old minnow trap to hold the hasp and attach a rope for ritrieveing it:wink:
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    The old wire round shaped minnow traps or round shaped Cricket cages make excellent cheap available live minnow or fresh/frozen ground chum pots.Just add weight and a line.You can also use fillets or scraps inside each.You have to stop up the entrances to the minnow trap.Where minnow traps are illegal,wire the entrances shut to be legal.A split ring can work.The cricket cages have a stopper in one end and the other end pulls off to load with crickets or chum.

    Live minnows make excellent chum for many species of fish.

    Now big fish can destroy these wire chum pots,so they will not replace the the good "Solid" types in places where needed.Now I do believe the wire are much better for chumming with minnows.

    You can preserve the wire and your hooks with the common clear mineral oil that you buy in the drugstore.I have watched fish ignore it in clear water as it does not have the smell of most oils.The same goes for drug store clear petroleum jelly or "Vaseline".

    Wire chum pots are easily made from 1/4 inch hardware cloth and wire or even fishing line to lace them up with.There are numerous artificial meshes and even mesh bags that work well.I once bought 24 mesh bags with drawstrings at 3 for a $1.00 at a "Dollar"store.

    I have used chum for over 50 years.It works.For nearly all fishing if done right.I think it is best if you can do it 24-72 hours ahead of time in "STILL"water.

    Don't forget.Chum that attracts minnows attracts the fish eating the minnows.

    Some of the fish flavored dry bags of Cat food make excellent chum and it is far cheaper to use.

    Crappie,Bluegill and many others beside Catfish can be attracted by chumming.Some of the best Crappie & Carp fishing on the Santee was fishing around our many baited Catfish traps.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee