Purple Blue catfish Eggs

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    Hello! I am so sorry that I just found a discussion about the purple eggs found in bluecats on Lake Eufaula back in May. I am the researcher that is in the article that you have been referring to. I am a cellular biology major/chemistry minor at a university here in Oklahoma and have lived on this lake for over 35 years. I will try to answer any questions you might have about the phenomenon to the best of my ability (from what we've found so far). I will try to respond as quickly as possible, but please consider how busy I am since I am working on two degrees, have a family, and I am also doing all of the side research on the bluecats.
    Let me say up front that this phenomenon has never been documented in any reputable biological journals (or unreputable for that matter). This makes this a very challenging thing to research, but at the same time it elevates its importance to find the cause.
    There has been another article published since the one you are referring to, but I am having trouble accessing the link - if I can get it I will post it. Here is the link to the first article, along with PHOTOS of the reddish purple eggs.
    Like I said, feedback or questions are very welcome!
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    thanks for sharing the article and welcome to the BOC ! I hope as you find out more you will share it with us. This is very interesting to me and i am sure many others that participate in these discusstions.

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    Rochelle, Welcome to the Brotherhood.

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    Welcom to the BOC, hope that you enjoy it. Having someone who studies the bluecat on the site may help us out or we can help you out.


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    Glad to have you on board. Hope to learn more about this and other phenomenons with blue cats from ya. Glad to have another Okie on the board too!!!!
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    Rochelle- Was it possible to bring those eggs into some sort of incubation tank and bringing them up? it would seem kind of logical that it may just be a genetic defect that shows up in the next generation rather then one being obvious in the current breeders... You may also want to get them to check the age of the fish because some that maybe showing up are from stunted growth in the fish or extremely high rate growth. Also compare it between smaller breeders and larger breeding size fish. There are many possibilities for the cause... Check O2 levels in the waters they are caught in, PH, etc...

    And i know most of this can't happen because the majority of the fish are done breeding and won't till next year again but when that comes around, check on it... have some fellow scientists set a trotline or have your boyfriend use the one he has again and just strictly check for females (don't kill them but get tanks to seperate them into individuals or keep a strict eye on them in a larger tank)... If it were happening closer to me i'd come out and help as much as i could.