Pumpkin Bread Recipe

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    This is really good. I prefer not to use canned pumpkin from the grocery store. Cushaw squash or butternut squash can be substituted. My favorite pumpkins are called Buckskin or Long Island Cheese. They don't have the bright orange color you see at roadside stands. They are more of a dull tan color.

    Spicy Pumpkin Bread
    1 c. oil
    2 c. mashed or canned pumpkin
    4 beaten eggs
    2/3 c. water
    3 1/3 c. flour
    2 t. baking soda
    3 c. sugar
    1 1/2 t. cinnamon
    1/2 t. nutmeg
    1 t cloves
    1 t. ginger
    1 t. salt
    Beat together the first 4 ingredients. Sift together dry ingredients and
    mix with the moist.
    Makes 2 large or 3 small loaves. Bake at 350 for 50 - 60 min or until toothpick comes out clean.
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    Festus,I missed this post somewhere ,But I really like pumpkin bread,Thanks. Now if I can just get the WIFE to whup me up a batch>>>>>>>>>

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    Yeah, it's good stuff, Richard. I've never made this stuff with canned pumpkin, always used fresh or home frozen Butternut, Cushaw, or pumpkin. I tried it with homegrown Acorn Squash once and it wasn't nearly as good. It tastes similar to banana bread, but much better.
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    ...and it's good hot with butter spread and melted on top. Also excellent after it cools.