Pump on Bait Tanks?

Discussion in 'Livewell and Bait Tank Review' started by DH84, Jun 17, 2008.

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    I got a question about what pump to use on my bait tank, in a brief description i've got a 30 gal barrell with an aerator, drain, and overflow. Well i attached a 1100 GPH pump to my tank and ran the hose into the water for the pickup, well i didnt think about the fact that the rule livewell pumps dont draw air, so it wouldnt prime. Any suggestions about what pump i could use that would prime and flow as much water using a 12v circuit?

    If all else fails i can attach the pump to the hose and throw it all in the water but i would like to avoid that. Is there any way to make the pump air tight so that it will prime?
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    May work for ya, I did it on my boat. I have my bait tank near the transom, I attached 3/4 pvc which runs straight down the transom. Once I got to the outside bottom of the boat I put an 90 degree elbow turned facing forward. I placed an inline valve near the bait tank. I can run at 5mph and open the valve all the way and it will put more water in the tank than what will drain out the 1 1/2" overflow. I have to barely open the valve. Anyhow, if you done something like this going to your pump it would prime it and once the boat was stopped to fish the pump would keep water coming through the pvc. Just remember that pulling water from the lake is fine during spring and late fall to winter but this time of year it will do more damage than good putting in fresh hot water into your bait tank from the surface. Hope this helps some