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    It's been 5 months since i've visited the BOC. It's nice to see some familiar faces and names. I have seen more bucks this year than any other hunting season but none of them compared to the deer i set my pins on the morning of November 14th. I was hunting heavily pressured public land. The chase phase of the rut was in full swing. Almost everyday i could hear grunting bucks chasing does but it was always too dark to legally shoot. The morning of November 14th was actually a rough one at first. I had to wear my old steel toe hunting boots and my feet were numb by 9:30 a.m. I got up to walk around and do some still hunting. 65 yards from where I was sitting on the ground i bumped 2 does. I followed in the direction they ran for about 30 yards and was stopped dead in my tracks by a cluster of huge scrapes. I bent down to check how fresh the biggest one was and was startled by a nice buck grunting. I looked in the direction of the noise and seen a monster 10 point standing in the thckets 40 yards away. I immediately dropped to my knees and pulled out my bleat can and tilted it 1 time. The buck came crashing at me so fast that I barely had time to raise my bow. As he came to a screeching hault, at around 20 yards, i drew back my 65 pound martin jaguar as he stood there and stared at me, he wouldn't turn broadside, in fact, he wouldn't move at all. I couldn't hold my bow any longer and released the carbon arrow into his chest, right next to his shoulder. I would like to say that deer is mounted on my wall but unfortunately, a hunter that i met in the woods and myself, couldn't find the deer after following the blood trial for nearly 5 miles. The buck took us through some of the deepest swamps and thickest thorns that i have ever seen. I am confident that i made every attempt to retrieve what was probably a trophy of a lifetime. What truely breaks my heart is that this public land dream crusher was probably found by a hunter the next day since it was the opener of firearm season. I am currently looking into training my blue heeler pup to track wounded game
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    wow, sorry to hear that,what a bummer...............I lost The first deer I ever shot. It was a nice 8 pt and me and my dad tracked it for almost 2 miles before the blood stopped...........I was so crushed I almost stopped deer hunting, but i didnt,and Im glad because I live for it!!!

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    Welcome back and sorry to hear about that. Always stinks when you lose a deer much less a monster. Gone through that myself. Thats one reason why I like to keep my buck hunting when possible to a rifle or muzzleloader. Hopefully you'll get one bigger this year.
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    Man that sucks. I hate hearing of deer not being recovered. Was the shot quartering to? If so you may have only got one lung which makes for a hard recovery. I would suggest getting a copy of "Finding Wounded Deer" by John Trout Jr he has many good tips on tracking and identifing the arrows hit by the blood and fur found. Also if you trailed the deer for 5 miles I bet he survived.