Pssst, Newbie Pledges (Addendum to.......)

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    Good Mornin' Pledges. Day three of He$$ Week. Please review yesterday's lecture and the day before after the bonfire tonight. You Pledges have to have those two pick-up loads of Red Elm And White Elm split before the wienies are unwrapped. Also Pledges, when taking a Sorority Sister out tonight to look for Gooseberries I would remind you the timber is full of poison Oak so be careful out there. The test of course will be Friday night after the hazing. Today is hump day so we are half-way through.


    1st day: Waders, Rods, Reels, Tackle, Guns, Knives
    2nd day: Thumpers, Bale Hooks, Secret Duffel, Coolers, Avatar Faces

    Today some finer points of Avatars so you get brownie points with all the actives. Then we will get to some serious stuff. The stuff that can get you thrown out (de-activated) and assigned to a duty station in lower Warzikistan milking goats and scraping poppies.

    A finer point in producing an avatar is to include dogs or kids. I prefer dogs, they are easier to deal with. You can see I have included one in my avatar. Sara is her name and she can point fish at depths of 10' or better. Be careful positioning your dog. There is a particular older Active (name not mentioned) that likes dogs and he will look at the dog before he looks at you). And as an aside never include a woman in your avatar. All the older members only look at the woman and ignore you, they will also try and get her phone number.

    Including fish in your Avatar:

    Truly the make or break aspect of being a B(period)O(period)C(period) member in good standing. Not just any fish will do. You got's to have a whale and I mean a whale. I could not include the biggest fish I caught in my avatar because then you could not see my full face and I would have been thrown out. Don't wanna break the Fraternities rules. As an aside NEVER!!!!! put in your avatar trash fish. Trash fish like, Walleye, Salmon, Trout, Grayling and God forbid Bass. Some of the more snot-nosed hard core Senior actives will give you snide remarks and laugh at you. They may even send you a PM and call you a Dufuss. Catfish in your avatar is the only way to go, and it has to be a Flathead. Review your fish Books to know what a Flathead looks like.

    The next subject we will study is BOATS. Can't fish without a BOAT. There is one particular Active Member who just bought a new BOAT. He will be all over this place the next 14 days talking about that BOAT. Don't let him con ya, I will give you the scoop and straight poop on BOATS tomorrow.
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    SIR YES SIR!!!!


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    Well I guess I will have to spent the rest of the week driving around the lake to find someone that has caught a big cat I can use in my avitar. I can't catch one myself

    P.S. The hardware store called the cops when I demanded a long shoremans hook.
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    Big ole blues work too,But I have the same problems as Jim.:eek:oooh: Mine are only medium size but we take what we get.:cool2:

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    Eels are preffered. LOL! :crazy: