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    1. If possible, try to avoid using ethanol/alcohol fuel blends in your outboard and marine engines.

    If you are unable to obtain alcohol-free fuel in your area, you SHOULD TEST THE FUEL YOU BUY to assure the ethanol content is at or below 10 %.

    2. Follow engine manufacturer gas recommendations. Check with your marine motor manufacturer and/or check your owners manual.
    3. Always use fresh, high-quality, name-brand gasoline and replace it every 2-4 weeks.
    Buy only what you can use within a few weeks. Avoid storing gas in tank for greater than 90 days. Remember that gas with ethanol has a shorter shelf life - use it up and replace it quickly.

    Buy gas from busy gas stations - Fuel turnover is faster, gas will be fresher.

    4. Check your gas tank for the presence of water and remove all water before adding an ethanol blend.

    5. Avoid running on bottom of gas tank (where most water will sink).

    6. Do not mix MTBE and ethanol-blended fuels.
    Run out or remove your old (MTBE) fuel before putting the new ethanol fuel in your tank.

    7. Make sure your motor is equipped with a water separating fuel filter.
    Evinrude E-Tec's, and other newer engine models have them, other engines may or may not. The installation of a water separator in the fuel line will help with small amounts of water. Some marine engines are also equipped with water sensors.

    8. Check fuel system for contaminants and clogging and replace your fuel filter often.
    Fuel filters should be replaced at least every 50 -100 hours.

    9. Evinrude - Johnson 2 + 4 fuel conditioner will stabilize fuel, inhibit corrosion and absorb moisture (water) without adding alcohol to the fuel. Add fuel conditioner at every gas fill-up.

    10 . Evinrude (OMC BRP) also recommends carbon guard be added to the fuel tank each time you add gasoline, (Reduces possibility of rusting, piston ring sticking and carbon build-up, better overall engine performance, increases engine life), but it will not remove water.

    11. Keep your engine well-tuned and lubricated.

    12. If your engine has an older fiberglass gas tank, replace it. (Check with manufacturer if your tank was designed to tolerate alcohol fuels). Newer fiberglass tanks are double-lined and made of special material that holds up to ethanol

    There will be more posted on this. comments welcomed
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    Thanks for posting that!


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    Pearls of wisdom. THANX!
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    Thank You I need all the help and advise I can get when it comes to these boat motors.Dumb as owl :roll_eyes: when it comes to those darn motors.
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    Bubba,I looked up the ingredients in SEAFOAM out of curiosity,and was surprised to see that it is 40-60% PALE OIL,20-35% NAPTHA and 10-20% Isopropyl ALCHOHOL.The composition depends on whether its the motor or transmission treatment.IPA isnt ETHANOL fortunatley.The Pale OIL is also NAPTHA derivative and NAPTHA is a solvent which is why it has a great decarbonization effect but there is serious debate in the boating community concerning its fuel stabilization capability.I know it says it is on the can but I'm not sure if 10% IPA has any stabilization capabilty.Some boating magazines heartily recommend SEAFOAM plus adding stabilizer like STABIL also.Ill try and do some additional research when I get a chance.:big_smile:
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    I have never really broke it down but what got me to useing it so hard is the fact that I ran into a fellow up in alaska that rents water craft out of all kinds and he is about 10 years older then I am and he swears by it and gave me a look at his maintance records and I was impressed. He said he has had fuel set in boat for 3 months at sub 0 weather and not a problem with sour fuel and all he used was seafoam. It will take a lot to turn my head the other way but I look forward to your findings.
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    Thanks for sharing Willard. Good Post. I agree with you on seafoam.It works like advertised.:smile2:
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    Good info, thanks.