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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Prospector, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Prospector

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    To All BOC members;
    Its been kinda hard for me to fit in here, but I think I've come to grips with why. But I still have a problem. It is; There is so much talk of fishing and other activities in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, ...etc, BUT I have found very little talk about the fishing in Arkansas. Why is that?? Your probly asking; "If ya want postings about Arkansas catfishing, why dont you post them??" I have a good reason for not posting, I dont know the first thing about catfishing!! THATS why I am here. But HOW can I learn if someone, that fishes the same waters I do doesnt teach me?? How can I find someone to teach me, if there are no other Arkansas fishermen posting??
  2. ka_c4_boom

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    here maybe this will help .
    read all my posts then read all my brothers posts then read all my sisters posts then apply what you have learned on your waters . fishing is the same no matter where you fish the only difference is the lay of the bottom and the shape of the banks if you apply what all of us know you will catch fish . if all else fails go to the arkansas state thread pic some one who lives close and pm them offer to pay their gas by them lunch basicaly bribe them im sure most BOC members in your area will help you out if you only ask . good luck

  3. SeedTick

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    Conway Arkansas
    Hey Glenn, Where abouts do you live at? I live in Conway about 1/2 hour north of Little Rock up I40. I see in your profile that you fish Beaver Lake. There is a couple of Brothers that live up that way that I can think of and probably more. Charles has given you some good advice cause there is a whole lot of good information here. Let us know where you live and maybe somebody can get you pointed in the right direction.

  4. Catgirl

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    Greg, Glen told me he was looking for anyone near Springdale, Arkansas. I've been trying to hook him up with some BOC brothers for a while now, so any help would be appreciated. :smile2:
  5. thomcat

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    pennsylvania 17745
    thats a great question man,,
  6. kbgrillin

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    Glen, first of all, welcome to the BOC. Exactly what do you need to know about catfishing? Bait selection, where to go, Equipment? Let us know what you need and we will try our best to help you brother. I used to live in Springdale, AR. years ago. Beautiful place.
  7. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    Glen, I think part of the problem is that you're up in the mountains where the lakes are clear, cold, and deep. There are definitely some brothers up that way, but I think most of us are further south, fishing warmer, shallower, muddier waters. I know I've had much less success using my methods on those clear lakes than I generally have in my normal waters. What kind of catfishing are you interested in: rod & reel, trotlining, limblining, jugfishing; boat or shore; your local waters only, or anywhere in the state? Also, have you looked at the posts under States/Arkansas? While I don't know too much about fishing those clear deep lakes, I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
  8. robbie

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    bald knob,
    welcome to the B.O.C glen,if i can help you feel free to ask.

  9. Big Sam

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    Booneville AR
    Welcome to the HOOD!:smile2: I'm in Booneville and i fish the Ar. river regular.
  10. Pastor E

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    Beebe AR
    First welcome to the BOc Glen I live in Beebe I will help you if I can If you have never catfished before I would go to the BOC library and read up on Baits , tackle How To fish for differant Kinds of cats Now when you cross the dam on lake Beaver turn right there is a camp ground down the river (I can`t remember the name) but drive down to the camp ground there Is A small lake on the left that the Ar game and fish Com stocks with cat fish look for a sign you will have to walk in just a short ways Hope ths helps And GooD Luck:0a26:
  11. gcarlin

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    Richmond ,Indiana
    Prospector,Welcome to the BOC.I hope that you really find someone that help you on your fishing needs. I'm sure that their are other members here that will take you under their wing and show you the way. Good Luck
  12. Lngbo

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    Marion Ark
    Welcome to the BOC, I live in North East Arkansas and fish the muddy lakes and rivers here,when there is water that is. I think Mac is close to you. He has come to a couple of our trips to the Mississippi River. I have never fished for anything in those cold clear waters. Do you bank or boat fish.

    First off, I would say get some night crawlers and put them deep, see what grabs at them. This is a good all around catfish bait. Hook up with me on a PM.
  13. olefin

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    Glen, welcome to BOC.

    We spent a month or so in 92 in the Beaver Lake area looking at lake lots but backed out due to it being a Corps lake. The Corps can sometimes be a pain to property owners.

    Myself, I fish crappie a lot more than catfish but BOC has plenty catfish professionals that will help you.