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  1. Ace

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    Need some info on a couple of props.I have a 24 ft pontoon boat it has 40 hp 2 stroke out board.It has a prop with these numbers on it is 48-87818-a10-9P.
    The other prop I have the numbers on it is 48-73132-A40-10P.Will these props interchange and witch one would be the best one to use.


  2. copycat

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    There is no way of knowing for sure until you try both props. See which prop delivers better performance. You may not notice alot of difference on a pontoon boat between the two.

  3. Bobpaul

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    One is a 10 pitch (10p) other is a 9 pitch (9p).

    Without a tach, it would be difficult to tell which one is more efficient for your boat.

    Put one of those props on a 40hp on a 16 foot jon and it would jump out on plane, but not get the best top end speed and your motor would well over rev.

    You need a tach on the boat to tell.