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    My girlfriend and I are going to rent a cabin near lake Ouachita in late August/ early September. I mostly canoe in Northwest Arkansas, and thus I don't have a boat suitable for the big lake. I'm looking to rent a boat for three days or so. We are both responsible adults and attorneys. She is a prosecutor and I am in private practice. I don't want to pay $100 per day (or more) for a crappy marina boat, but would love something to tool around the lake on and do some bream/bass fishing and a little cat fishing. We wouldn't be running trotlines or running wild or anything like that.

    If anyone has a suitable boat they would be willing to rent for a few days, I'd love to negotiate a deal. Of course, I'd be willing to pay and leave you with a full tank of gas. Also, I'd be willing to trade legal services if you need any work done. I'd be happy to do a couple of wills for a married couple in exchange for the rental. Of course, I'd draft an agreement and would be responsible for any damage to the boat, though I promise I'm very careful and responsible. If anyone would like to discuss this, or know anyone that would, please shoot me an email.
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    Sounds like a good honest opportunity for someone. Sorry that I don't live in the area. Good luck and I hope you all have a great vacation

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    Lawyer? Honest? HAHAHAHHAHHAHAH

    sorry, i have lot's of honest lawyer friends, it was just too easy.
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    That was good,really good.
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    Sorry, don't have anything available, but welcome to the BOC!