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    N.C. has proposed new regs that could concern VA. As of now Va licenses holders have regs on size limits, creel limits and jug hook restrictions that do not apply to NC license holders, on the same body of water! Being Kerr-Buggs Island lake. Where NC license holders have no regs at all. NC has proposed a length limit of 32" on blue cats in Badin and Norman lakes. NC has also proposed a reg on jug hooks 100 per boat and personal I.D. on the jugs. I suggested to the NC Wildlife that they follow VA and include Kerr-Buggs Island and also set a creel limit of 20 per day as VA has done. On the jug hooks I suggested that they limit to 20 jugs per boat, set hawking hours from sunrise to sunset, and require jug anglers to stay insight of their jug hooks at all times. There is also a proposed reg on electrical fishing devices in the Cape fear river. I suggested that electrical fishing devices should be done away with completely. There are enough limb lines set on that river that there is on excuse to allow electrical fishing devices to catch catfish! For those who are concerned in promoting trophy cat fisheries go to click on (Proposed Regulations Submit Comments Online) the top box on the right hand side of the screen. Then select Fishing and the proposed regs are F26,F27, and F30. Thanks to all that support.
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    Good to see NC coming around on catfish!

    The length limit would be great to sustain trophy fisheries, much in the way VA has done.

    I also agree that electro fishing should be banned.