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    There are a couple of new ODWC fishing regulation changes that are scheduled to be on the January 2008 public hearings agenda. The first one pertains to PVC bank lines. The current definition does not cover them. There will be a change in the definition to cover them. It is expected that they will be regulated just like jug lines and limb lines. You may have 20 per person, names attached and checked daily. This is a "no brainer" and should be easily approved by the public, I hope.
    Secondly, a proposed change in ....blasted fingers did it again..... length limit and possession limit of spotted bass in Oklahoma reservoirs. This proposed change targets Kentuckies only and not largemouths or smallmouths in reservoirs, not rivers. Possession and length limits should remain the same on the rivers. The proposed change for public opinion is NO length limit and NO possession limit on spotted bass in our reservoirs. The spots are, I guess, not being targeted by enough anglers and are getting too plentiful and need to be thinned. There are other proposed changes for public opinion coming. I thought everyone would be interested in the PVC bank line topic.

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    Thanks George. It will be a long time coming but I agree the regulation change on pvc restrictions will be amended in the fisherman's favor. I would personally like to see the terms bank line and limb line combined under the new regulation eliminating potential confusion between the two.
    Thanks again for the update!